Venue. Zenue.


Who knew how difficult finding-and confirming- a venue would be? All of the timelines and check lists dictate that it is verboten to plan anything without your date and your venue. Agreed. However, it doesn't stop me from drawing up some inspiration boards. This blog isn't necessarily public yet and you sure as heck haven't seen my wedding wire profile, but I have inspiration boards.

Last Friday my fantastically involved fiance called four potential venue sites. Two called us back. Yes, two. Understanding how the wedding business works on weekends, I gave them a fair shot and waited until Tuesday to write them off. In all honesty, we pretty much have our hearts set on a reception venue, but felt as though we needed to see more places. We now disagree with ourselves.

Here is what we are looking for: a bring-your-own-vendors location. I work in events and have great trust in certain vendors and would like to call on them for my wedding. (I still chuckle and get butterflies when I say the wrods "my wedding"). We began looking last year way before the ring was ever put on my finger and found a location we loved. I called them on New Years Day, left a voicemail stating that I understood it was a holiday but to please call me back. Today is February 7. She hasn't called back yet, so we cut them off of the list also.

Until anything is confirmed, details are being kept hush-hush....but we have agreed upon a location and look forward to booking it. I won't shout out of the non-responsive vendors, but if anyone really cares to know please ask and I will share my thoughts. This doesn't mean that your experience will be negative also.

Just seems as though everyone is hungry now for business and you can't get someone to call you back! Oh...this also includes a dress shop. I called one two times and have not heard a word back. I'm sure they'd love me to show up on a busy Saturday afternoon with three girlfriends.

This was a random ramble. Random Ramble Saturday. I did some dress trying on today and will share that in a separate post.


Anonymous said...

Just wondering what the other "bring your own vendor" locations were that you called??

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