.slumber, interrupted.


Why is that I am having wedding dreams and it isn’t even my wedding?! That is not a good sign for the future. With my friend’s wedding next weekend, the excitement must be getting to me? Last nite, I dreamt that all of our families were in one house prior to the wedding and the bridal party was getting ready in a downstairs/basement room. For some reason, I elected to be the social butterfly and mingle with the families until about 1:15 in the afternoon. The wedding is at 2:30 and there was no time for me to get my hair and makeup done! WHAT?!? The only positive thing I could say was, “Will I get my deposit back??” Wow, the important things in life. Luckily for me, I applied a little bit of makeup in the morning but styled my own hair for the wedding.
Instead of looking all pretty, like this:

I looked all bi-polar like this:

I quoted my friend, X, who gave this hair the "bipolar" moniker.

The next week ought to be interesting if these dreams keep interrupting my slumber. I have to catch a plane tomorrow nite—what are the chances of waking up my neighbor with my panic?

.once a bridesmaid.


It slips my mind if I’ve written about A-Zilla’s wedding or not… For now, she will be called A-Zilla until I assign Blog Names to each of my Zillaz. This is my first time to walk down the aisle, in a wedding, because First Holy Communion doesn’t quite count. But I do remember how much fun that day was, a party…in my honor.

.a-zilla and i in april 2005.

Anyway, today, we are nine days away from her wedding! I remember getting the call last June from her, oddly, on a Friday evening, while she was on vacation with her boyfriend. I was busy scrambling to get stuff done and wasn’t able to take the call. The next day, it hit me like a ton of bricks that she was calling to tell me that he was no longer her boyfriend. He is now her fiancé. Upon A-Zillaz return from vacation, she rang me one morning was I was still being lazy and trying to sleep late. It was the call I had been waiting for! My dear friend is now engaged to be married!! With my then boyfriend next to me, it had turned into quite the awkward moment as we gushed like grade school girls about rings, how it happened, what she did, when the wedding is, etc. Like the champ he is, Flo listened intently and was equally excited for my friend.

As luck would have it, I follow Flo to NYC about a week later. You see, his trip was planned, I decided to forego the family vacation and save my money. But once he texted me from the epicenter of my being, New York City, I just had to follow. So I booked a ticket and called my friend and said, “Hey, I am flying in tomorrow, want to hang out.” And of course, see the ring!!

The timing was impeccable that I was able to hug her and share in the joy within a week of the engagement. It was awesome. She was glowing and gorgeous, the ring also, but no comparison to the love glow she exuded. We, once again, gushed like girls about any wedding details that she may have had. All we knew was that it would be huge! It is the combining of two large Italian families and it was known that this would be a celebration of big, fat Italian wedding proportions. Low and behold, she asked me to be a part of it!! YAY! My first wedding. Ever. My first dress fitting, my first bridal shower, while I’ve been to a bachelorette party before, this would be one in which I play a role. Over the next few months, her plans slowly unfolded… the date, the venue, an opinion on a dress, what to buy her for the bridal show, when is the bridal shower, booking airline tickets, dress fittings, shoe shopping, hair and make up appointments….

In March, when I visited for her bridal shower, it was the first time that we were together as two engaged ladies who won the man lottery and are marrying amazing men. We’ve gone from just-out-of-college friends to women who are about to become wives. It was surreal to think back over the years of our friendship and see what we’ve evolved into as women. We are now more mature (sometimes); we’ve decorated homes of our own, are standing up in each other’s weddings and creating another chapter in our book of friendship.

When I think about the wedding next week, I almost always get teary eyed. It this was years ago, the tears wouldn’t fall, but as I’ve grown up, I’ve become softer too. There is more room for love in my heart and more emotion behind my eyes. I think about walking down the aisle with 300+ plus guests, looking at her groom as he anxiously awaits the most beautiful woman in white to approach him. I get emotional thinking about her father giving away his only daughter and her mother finally having her day as Mother of the Bride.

No doubt there will be lots of tears, starting when we arrive in NJ on Thursday. There will be tears as we reminisce about Dunkin’ Donuts, Fire Island, the beach, our jobs and our current lives. It is going to be an amazing weekend that I want to hurry up and get here, yet, I want to slow it down and savor each second and emotion. This is something we will never go through again, together. The next wedding we are in together, she will be an “old, married woman” who can share advice with me on “the first year”, she can share her lessons learned from the wedding day, the honeymoon and those first few months as husband and wife.

My level of excitement could not go any higher right now…well maybe it can just a little bit once I get closer to the my departure time.

A-Zilla and her Groom will make an amazing couple and accomplish many, many great things together. I wish them nothing but a million lifetimes of happiness, a ton of special memories and a life they call their own.

Tanti Aguiri

.the entourage.


My Zillaz.

Maid of Honor: Ster, my sister, if it weren’t for her, my name would have been Michelle. I’m so happy that she picked something so unique. Sigh. As with most siblings, we had to grow up in order to realize how much we really do love each other. She picked on me, made fun of me and was always bigger than me. Until now—she has to look up to me. I am delighted that she will be standing next to me and I get to make her girly for just one day. So many things in our lives have changed over the past couple of years- it is hard to visualize us as adults and wives when I still picture us as careless teens at the Laurel Mall.

Friend, A-Zilla. My friend of just about eight years now…. We met while both working at Toys”R”Us, in NJ. I was fairly fresh from residing in Italy and we instantly bonded. A and I spent many years playing each other’s “faux date” when invited anywhere. Now that we are both on the verge of being married, we have real and permanent dates. We have been through so many things together as friends and it is an amazing feeling to see us both with great men and so flippin happy that we can’t stand ourselves. This June I will be a bridesmaid in her wedding (first time ever) and she is graciously returning the favor and being a part of mine for which I could not be happier. One of my favorite memories: Fire Island Weekend. And I was there when she met the man who she married one week ago.

Cousin, Gidget. Obviously have known each other since birth, but became close in 1998 when I spent summers living with her and taking care of her kids. And I still love her enough to have her in my wedding! Hey, I was 19 and taking care of a two-year-old and an eight-year-old. We’ve remained close and I am so happy that she agreed to be a part of the wedding. Gidget is the only Zilla who doesn’t live near a fellow Zilla. She can either consider herself lucky or have an excuse for several out of town trips away from her reality. One of my favorite memories: Buckhead. Atlanta was so much fun and I am thrilled she allowed me into her home and life as a friend.

Friend, K-Zilla. and I met here in Vegas, two or three years ago, and didn’t know the bond we would soon have. When I was diagnosed with Diabetes, she was able to offer help in a way that not many others could. I’m sure that without diabetes we would still be friends, but it certainly sped it up. This is her time being in a wedding. EVER. I drag her to bridal stores, clog up her inbox with dress photos and ideas and she still loves me and still wants to be in the wedding. Consider her warned. She is my truth conscience, when I need to be set straight I go to Bell. One of my favorite memories: My birthday this year, all of the celebrations.

.me with k and m zillaz.

Friend, M-Zilla. M and I met almost three years ago after a mishap in the women’s restroom. Let’s just say that we will be sure to include feminine products in our emergency kit. She has seen through the worst of times and is now seeing me through the best of times. She shares my love of NYC and through that I feel a little bit more connected to her. It was M’s insight into weddings that allowed me to finalize my bridal party. She is brilliant and her family is amazing, I have always looked up to her marriage. One of my favorite memories: Our first date and taking silly photos of ourselves. And cupcakes, lots of them. And nachos.

I am blessed with many, many friends in my life. These five women are rocks in my life and I know that they will be there for me through the whole wedding process and beyond. Our relationships are cemented for life and can’t wait to share in this joy with them.

Flo’s Entourage:

Best Man, S and I met on the basketball courts when we were 14-15 years old. I taught him everything he knows. We shared an unsanitary locker in High School, but we managed to stay friends since. We even went to college together and were temporary roommates, until he had to grow up and graduate. S has always been the "Dad" of the group, who has always taken the moral route through life. He's probably saved my life numerous times in college. He's a friend who I can always count on.... to lend me money--with no interest.

Groomsman, L and I met in intramural softball in college. He and I have stories so crazy; we can't mention them for fear of possible retaliation from our school chancellor. L could crack me up in the direst situations. He has always been a hard worker, and pulled weeklong all nighters in college. Yes, WEEK all nighters. He's always been a good friend, but has never paid for any of my dinners.

Groomsman, R, as we call him has been a friend since college. He roomed with me, L and S, and somehow we managed to not burn our apartment. R has numerous college stories which will end up biting me in the butt someday when he writes a book. But, for now he's busy changing diapers. R was always challenging me to be a better person. He did it by daring me to do some of the craziest stuff, just for his pure enjoyment.

Brother, J, I am told is related to me. But, until the DNA tests come out, I'll call him my older brother. J often picked on me; maybe for fear that I would grow taller. And, I DID! He always managed to give good advice and protected me from school bullies. I think it's because he believed HE could only pick on me. He's my moral compass, and has kept me in line all throughout my life. At least until I met L and R.

Brother, E, or "Generic", is my oldest brother. You can tell because he has less hair than me. He used to often remind me that he remembered when I was NOT born yet. He's one of the smartest and wisest brown guys I know. His intelligence is sometimes unmatched. But, his cooking skills are feeble. E, however has always been there for all my breakups, my challenges and to steal the car away from me on Friday nights in High School.

All joking aside, these 5 are truly MY BEST FRIENDS. We've been through all the trials and tribulations of life, and managed to stay brothers and friends. I am proud and honored to have each of them alongside me at MY wedding. And, they are free to eat the food---No extra charge.

.save this date.


Not all weddings call for a “Save the Date” notice, but if we are going all out, I feel as though our wedding could use one! We had the engagement photos taken, so why not? It is also a destination wedding which requires planning, travel and time to prepare. I enlisted the help of my dear friend Laura to else with the design element. While the finished product is to remain a secret until you either receive one in the mail or you don’t…. here is a sneak preview:

Our task for the next few weeks is to tackle our guest list, start trimming if necessary and then decide who gets a Save the Date- it is not that we want to keep people out of the loop…but more for budgetary purposes. Have you seen the price of stamps lately!?!? The date will travel via word of mouth to most of our close friends, but to family- you can guarantee a notice in the mail. Half of the guest has never met Flo nor myself, but at least now they can see what we look like.
Here are some to-do and not to-do rules for Save The Dates, found here:

1. You're planning to invite a lot of guests from out of town. If you have friends and loved ones spread out across the country or even the world, a save the date card gives them extra time to make travel arrangements. By sending out save the date announcements 6 - 12 months before the wedding, those far away guests will have the opportunity to book flights and hotels at a better rate.

2. You're having a destination wedding. If you've decided on a destination wedding and are hoping your invited guests will be able to come along, it's a good idea to give them as much time as possible to plan. Sending save the date cards will give them the chance to schedule vacation time and make travel arrangements.

3. You've set your wedding date around the holidays or typical peak summer vacation time. Let people know your wedding date before they make vacation plans, and you have a better chance they will attend.

4. You're seriously hoping that most of the people you invite to your wedding will attend. People have increasingly busy lives and are always making plans. Since your actual wedding invitation will only go out 6 - 12 weeks before the big day, your potential guests may have already made plans by the time they receive it.

5. You're just so excited that you've set the date that you can't keep the news to yourself. Save the date cards can double as engagement announcements, letting people know that you're engaged and have set the date for your wedding.

6. You want to show off your fiance' to all your friends and relatives who have never met him/her. You can send photo save the date cards and everyone can see the love and happiness on your faces. In fact, the latest trend in photo cards is to include multiple photos on your save the dates, so you don't have to settle on just one picture.

7. They're fun! There are no rules and no etiquette, so your save the date cards can be unique and imaginative. They can reflect your personalities, hobbies, time of year you plan to get married, wedding destination, bold colors or just about anything you like. There are scratch-off save the date cards and save the date magnets. It's your chance to grab everyone's attention.

.bridal beauty in the making.


Last week, I had my first hair appt since my engagement. Yes, I rarely cut my hair. Be not alarmed! My hair stylist is THAT fantastic where I only need three cuts per year, my last being in December. If she does give me something that needs maintenance she will either A. show me hot to do it (Had bangs for 4.5 months all trimmed by yours truly) B. make sure that it is cut in a way where it will grow out nicely. So what the average beautiful woman spends in one haircut, I probably spend in one year. Lucky me.

Normally, when I get out of her chair, I am transformed into a fabulous, fierce beauty who loves to frolic, stare at myself and then take the self portrait in the car and send to everyone I know because I can hardly contain my excitement for my new style. This time, we just trimmed and cleaned up my hair. I am in a wedding in just a few short weeks (soo excited!!!) and want that hair to be style-able for someone who does not know my hair at all, so we didn’t go nuts. And there is only 11 months left until my stylist needs to create fabulosity on top of my head. If the average person’s hair goes ½ inch per month, I should be about 5 inches longer than where it is now. I vow to get trims every three months between now and the wedding date so my hair should probably be about three inches longer when all is said and done. Works for me.

My stylist knows me very well. She is the only person to touch my locks in years. I don’t need to show her photos of what I want. We sit. We talk. She tells me in all honestly what will and will not work. And then she shows me how to do it in several different ways. She is amazing. (here we are on my 30th birthday) And I love her. She is also a very, very dear friend to me. Allow me to introduce you to Andeen. For the wedding, I may or may not take photos to her, I almost feel as if I am offending her as both a friend and stylist if I do. We already talked dress styles and have a few fabulous ideas in mind. She understands my current obsession with sticking a feather in my hair and calling Bridalroni. I am obsessed with flowers and feathers. And the birdcage veil, but have convinced myself that I can not quite pull it off.

So I leave you with a few photos of my new loves…..

This would be fabulous for my bridesmaids, if they wear purple. They are going to think that I am nuts.... shhhhh don't tell them. Photo is courtesy of Etsy, MissRubySue.

This makes me think of soft waves, side swept, pinned low and behind the ear.... Photo courtesy of Etsy, loboheme

This would be fabulous on a bun, faux bob or other style with the hair pulled up or back.... sigh... Photo on Etsy, Jennypickle.

I can see this more up front than tucked behind and ear. For those who, like me, love the birdcage veil but are afraid of it! Love the netting. And the feathers. Love me some Etsy. Powderbluebijoux.

.foodie, part 1.


One of our first “official” vendor meetings occurred yesterday. Catering. F&B. The Grub. We’ve selected a vendor who caters most of my work events. I know their style, their quality and service! It is comforting to work with a vendor who you know will not rake you over hot coals, leaving you with financial scars for the remainder of your happily ever after.

Flo and I are staying away from tradition and going with a “cocktail style” reception. My main concern is making sure that people don’t walk away hungry and dissatisfied. The secondary concern is that guests don’t get over stuffed on the first canapé that they see, thinking it is all they get. No menus have been decided; we tossed around a few themes, ideas to introduce the food by the hour (sounds racy) and how to cap off the evening with something memorable and delicious. I await her price quote and ideas.

Something to ponder-which I hope can fit into our budget- is wine pairings stations. If you are a new follower, you may not have read my post about favors. My dad makes wine and will be making wine as our favors. Soirees idea is to select and pair wines to compliment each canapés station. LOVE IT! Brilliant. So edgy and event forward. We can serve wine is 2 oz pours to perfectly compliment the food, sounds fabu to me. Sounds elegant, classy, interactive, fun, intriguing, etc., etc. Let’s hope that it fits into the budget.

Next foodie post will determine how well my foodie dream fits into my reality budget. Until we meet again....something to tempt your eyes:

{the first two photos are courtesty of Project Wedding, I apologize for not having proper credit}

{this photo is from the fabulous blog With This Ring, I Thee Obsess}

.dress maybe not so a mess.


If today got any worse, I’m not sure what would be happening right now. It was just one of “those” days. The last wrong occurrence?? I lost my medicine bag. As a diabetic, having your medicine bag near you at all times is as important as turning off the iron, shutting off the stove and locking the door. It is habit. It is a necessity. If I am low, there are glucose tabs. If I am high, there is symlin. And when all else fails, there is a meter and poker to tell me where I fall. Would I rather leave my cell phone or medicine at home? Tough call, but I would rather say buh-bye to the cell phone. So my medicine bag is missing and I am hoping it is not at the gym, where I went to blow off some steam today. Fabulous workout but being alone with my thoughts for 30 minutes was less than beneficial.

Coming home meant at least one good thing- Flo would be there and he always makes me smile and laugh. He lets me cry, even if I am in the wrong and being a bitch. He listens to me whether he agrees with my stance or not. He lends an ear and a shoulder in a way that no one else can. I’m not for certain that he listens intently to my vents, but either way, it always makes me feel better to be in his company.

Today, there was a bonus moment of happy, happy joy, joy. I received my fabric samples from NY Fashion Center! YAY! In my hunt for THE DRESS, I ordered some fabric samples in color and texture that I’ve been desiring. And they arrived today. Two dress samples: same fabric, different colors. I showed the colors to Flo, he pointed to one, I pointed to the other. Nice. Hooray for the Groom-to-be having ZERO say in the Bride-to-be's dress. Whew!
And three samples of the wedding colors:
I’ve still been going back and forth between colors and uncertain if what we picked it what can work. Today, my vision was solidified. Flo and I absolutely love our color palette. Going back to how he makes my day… he actually cares about the fabrics and colors that arrive in our mail box. He doesn’t just agree with me to shut me up and appease me. He actually has an opinion. And I just fell in love with him a little bit more, just now.

What will I do with my samples? Well, touch them and love the fabric, for one. Then, I plan on taking them to every fabric store that I can visit and see if this particular fabric varies from store to store. I also plan on ordering more samples! Maybe….just maybe after the wedding, I will have enough samples to make a snazzy scarf?? Hmmmm….. and the conundrum begins.

.dress mess, part 1.


Dress shopping began ever before there was a ring on my finger. It was before we met with a jeweler and before I ever had a budget. I knew that couture/designer gowns were costly; thanks to the wedding websites who are kind enough to embark on the monetary journey by featuring dollar signs letting you know what to expect.

I didn’t expect to go and get measured for a bridesmaid dress and fall in love with Star. That is what I am calling her. Ivory charmeuse, corset bodice, curve hugging, gut sucking prettiness on a hanger. At first, the $$$$ price tag didn’t scare me- I wasn’t even formally engaged, there was plenty of time to save up! Well life I this thing that happens while you are busy making other plans and my saved up $$$ went out he door onto more important things. Star was the love of my bridal life until Jai came along at yet another alarming $$$$$ price tag. Jai is the one who put a twinkly tear in my eye. It was a few weeks later when I questioned those tears- was it because the dress was so perfect and so stunning or was it because it was a dress I’d never pay for? I am going to lean toward the latter and carry on.
After this experience and wrangling myself back into reality, I began to browse shops that seemed more attainable. I’ve been to five shops in Vegas and two in NYC. And still no dress. In each gorgeous gown, there is an element in which I fall in love. Whether it’s the material, the delicate detailing, the simplicity, the classic beauty of the dress, there is something.

Finding the right dress easily compares to finding the right man. You try on several, you think that you may have found “The One” but you keep looking and realize that the one still exists in a place you’ve never been. Each dress gets you closer to finding the one, just as each desperate date produced a similar result.

After 7 stores and at least 70 gowns later… I’ve tried on traditional…. Form fitting, lacey, sating, chiffony, and altogether different…. I am not where the journey began, yet 70 elements closer to finding the one.

.ps: none of these are the dress- or even close to the dress.

.blog neglect.

Whew! The past week has been insanely busy and has resulted in zero blogs. Shame shame.
Here is the update on what’s been going on:
- Went dress shopping. Twice. Stay tuned for future blog called dress mess, because that is what dress shopping is right now.
- Purchased Groomsmen gifts, part 1.
- We wrote our bridal party bios and will be introducing you to the entourage shortly.
- Made and cancelled several phone dates with our graphic designer to work on our Save The Dates. New phone is scheduled for Monday.
- Missed the gym, each and every day.
- Found some bridesmaids dresses to ponder.

-Started my Bridal Beauty routine.
-Booked make up, sort of.
In about a month, we will move at full speed ahead for the wedding planning….. EEK!!! I can not wait.

More details and fun blogging to follow shortly



When I woke up yesterday, there was nothing in the air to indicate that this day would different than any other. There were no breaking news stories, no devastating tragedies, not even any make-you-go-awe-heartwarming stories. Just an ordinary day until 9 pm. I woke up as I did any other day: as a daughter, a sister, a fiancé and a friend.

My dad was never much, if any, of a texter until I gave him an old Crackberry of mine. Now we text nearly every day but it was odd for the time of the text I received that my sister was having contractions and that her water had broken. Immediately, I froze and thought “Ok, what do I do?” Apparently, when you are over 2,000 miles away, you don’t do anything except become engulfed by an excited panic and think about how in a matter of mere hours, your life is now changed forever for the better. I urgently call Flo, twice. No answer, so I do what any crazy aunt-to-be would do, keep calling and start pacing. When I am angry, anxious or stressed cleaning becomes my panacea. Thankfully, I was already entering my third hour of cleaning and feverishly continued until Flo came home. It’s all a blur to rehash what was going through my mind, but I started to look up flights (obviously way too expensive and I will have to sit this one out until my trip at the end of the month), think about what I will do when the call comes in and says, “It’s A ????????!” a still unknown detail. How will I react not seeing my niece or nephew for three weeks? How will I feel as I add Aunt to my list of things I am. Something of which I proud yet scared…

To say that I am scared is an understatement. I’m not scared that my life is changing, but I am scared that there is now someone in this world who is part me, part of my DNA. Someone in this world who is going to look to up me, seek me out for advice, hopefully do as I suggest and not as I did, a being to add to my holiday and birthday gift list. Someone to spoil, someone to help with fashion! (It will need my help!! *smile*). A little someone to look at and see my sister in its eyes, to see what characteristics it may have that were my devious self as a child. To hope and pray that my T1 Diabetes is just by random selection and isn’t something that will get passed down to the next generation. To hope and pray that I can help shape this person’s world to be one in which they enjoy living and thriving. Starting today, my role in life has added a new responsibility. Starting today, we become Aunt Foof and Uncle Teddlious. Or Foof2.

When I woke up today, it was to an update that my sister was on her way to the hospital. As I finish this piece of writing, she is at the hospital and the baby is almost here. My next piece will be written by someone is still a daughter, a sister, a fiancée, a friend and now a proud Aunt.


As of about somewhere between 6:45 AM and 6:55 AM, I became an Aunt to the beautiful Marisol Acadia. I say she is beautiful because she is. And she is ours. Welcome to the world, Marisol. Happy Birthday.


.shoe me baby.


There is a saying about putting a cart before the horse and not to do it. I’m guessing that you also shouldn’t put the shoe before the wedding dress?? Lately, I have been obsessing over a certain style of how, inspired by a Christian Louboutin that is nowhere to be found on line. Anywhere. It must not be real then because we all know that if it’s online then it is true, real and correct. Not being able to locate this shoe is probably a good thing because I’m 995 dollars, I mean percent, sure that they would fall out of my shoe budget.

I browsed a few sites and found several variations of the style over which I obsess. The true test will be trying on this style and confirming comfort. The closed back looks like a heel wound waiting to happen. Luckily, I have quite sometime left before needing to find and purchase shoes and scrutinizing their level of comfort. Oh…yea, there needs to be a dress first, also. So in the meantime I share with you my current love of this shoe.

PS By the way, if you are a bettor, I’m making odds that they won’t be in white, ivory, diamond white, eggshell or any other neutral!

.shoe by touch ups.

.shoe by benjamin adams.
.shoe by liz rene.

A little fitness humor....


Yesterday’s blog had me reminiscing about something that I had as a chubby little kid- the “Get In Shape Girl” exercise set. Back in the day- and still sometimes today- I thought that just by owning the equipment, magically I’d get in shape. Much to my dismay, that was the wrong through process. Probably the reason for my still flabby buh-byeceps- I have the workout gloves, but they don’t life the weights and poof! turn my arms shapely. My memory has reached a failure fuse in recalling what, if any, of these workout delights I once owned. Maybe the parent units can remember, but I was definitely a wrist band girl as a child. I remember wearing them in the 80s to go do exercises with my dad! How cool was I? If only I had a photo to show my degree of coolness.

In case you don’t remember the joys that were Get In Shape Girl, allow me to introduce you, courtesy of You Tube. Guh! Casette tapes!

Click here to watch a faded, but good You Tube video.

Ahhh to be young again… wait…. I was a chubby kid….to not be young and vulnerable again.

Bridal Body, 1


Welcome to what I call the stepchild of Gluttony: The Bridal Body. Every bride has at one time or a hundred looked in the mirror and pinched a little here, tugged a little there, sucked and tucked it all in. Heck, even if you aren’t getting married and you are female, chances are you can relate.

Since moving to Vegas, I’ve gained 30 lbs. and subesquently lost 50 lbs. I told you- this blog would talk about the good bad and ugly. The 50 lbs came off in two ways: The South Beach Diet and getting ill with Diabetes. Unfortunately, the latter of the two was an unhealthy weight loss that left me looking sick and sunken; I would have even preferred a few extra pounds to look human again.

To look in the mirror now, or at any stage of your body, and pick oneself apart is depleting and not warranted. Love ourselves, ladies. I told my doctors not to allow me to gain any weight so that I can fit into my wedding dress come next April. The fingers are crossed. Anyway, like any Bride would, I look in the mirror and play nip/tuck with myself. If I could change one thing about my physical self, it would be that when I stand ankle to ankle, a gentle breeze blows through my thighs. Instead, the gentle breezes reach a relentless stop sign which allows for nothing to break on through. Surely, I am not the only one with a little extra inner thigh that serves no purpose other than keeping Smokey the Bear employed. You see, if I dare wear a skirt without some Spanx or other gut sucking, thigh squeezing apparatus, Smokey pops out with his unsolicited PSA and suggest that I don’t start forest fires when I walk.

Rest assured that on my wedding day, one of two things will happen: I will either get my loins high and tight or I will be wearing a gut sucking thigh squeezing apparatus. I’d like to say that you will be clueless but because of my blog babble, you are sure to read about it here before anyone tilts their head to the left and attempts to look for a girdle line.

With less than one year to go, I plan to keep my gym membership card dust free and use it often. As of today, I am not on any “official” Bridal Body workout, but I will certainly write about my attempts at building nice, shapely arms and removing the unwanted thigh.

.e-pics: lessons learned.


Lessons Learned from Engagement Photos:

1. I read up on E-pic sessions and it was recommended to leave your purses, bags, etc. behind and just take your car key. I disagree. Take everything you need: lipstick/gloss, compact, hair spray, make up for touch ups, mirror, and snacks! (especially if you are diabetic, like me)…. At the Boneyard, there was a table where we kept our items and I totally could have used a touch up.

2. Keep your lip sticks, gloss, keys, etc. in a bag. DO NOT keep them in your pocket like I did. D’oh….

3. Practice your poses! We did this, trust me…but still ran into difficulties with “performing” on the spot.

4. Therefore—if you find pictures that you love, save them, print them and take them with you. Give them to the photographer or the assistant so that they can guide you through the poses when your mind goes blank. We reviewed poses with Scott at 11 am but by 3 pm we had all forgotten everything. Should have brought the photos with us.

5. Over prepare. I spent weeks trying to get the outfits perfect- I took two garment bags full and wore only four outfits but I was prepared and felt good about the day.

6. Be sure to share with your photographer body parts, skin imperfections or your best side so that he or she can be sure to warn you about your armpit cleavage and not get your cheek pimple!

7. Have a mimosa! It would have loosened me up a little bit earlier. Even though I’ve been friends with our photographer for years and am comfortable with him, there was just something about the pressure of engagement photos that left me stiff, antsy and showing a forced/fake smile.

8. Enjoy and have fun! It hit us a few times, “WOW! These are our engagement photos.” It was surreal yet exhilarating.