When I woke up yesterday, there was nothing in the air to indicate that this day would different than any other. There were no breaking news stories, no devastating tragedies, not even any make-you-go-awe-heartwarming stories. Just an ordinary day until 9 pm. I woke up as I did any other day: as a daughter, a sister, a fiancé and a friend.

My dad was never much, if any, of a texter until I gave him an old Crackberry of mine. Now we text nearly every day but it was odd for the time of the text I received that my sister was having contractions and that her water had broken. Immediately, I froze and thought “Ok, what do I do?” Apparently, when you are over 2,000 miles away, you don’t do anything except become engulfed by an excited panic and think about how in a matter of mere hours, your life is now changed forever for the better. I urgently call Flo, twice. No answer, so I do what any crazy aunt-to-be would do, keep calling and start pacing. When I am angry, anxious or stressed cleaning becomes my panacea. Thankfully, I was already entering my third hour of cleaning and feverishly continued until Flo came home. It’s all a blur to rehash what was going through my mind, but I started to look up flights (obviously way too expensive and I will have to sit this one out until my trip at the end of the month), think about what I will do when the call comes in and says, “It’s A ????????!” a still unknown detail. How will I react not seeing my niece or nephew for three weeks? How will I feel as I add Aunt to my list of things I am. Something of which I proud yet scared…

To say that I am scared is an understatement. I’m not scared that my life is changing, but I am scared that there is now someone in this world who is part me, part of my DNA. Someone in this world who is going to look to up me, seek me out for advice, hopefully do as I suggest and not as I did, a being to add to my holiday and birthday gift list. Someone to spoil, someone to help with fashion! (It will need my help!! *smile*). A little someone to look at and see my sister in its eyes, to see what characteristics it may have that were my devious self as a child. To hope and pray that my T1 Diabetes is just by random selection and isn’t something that will get passed down to the next generation. To hope and pray that I can help shape this person’s world to be one in which they enjoy living and thriving. Starting today, my role in life has added a new responsibility. Starting today, we become Aunt Foof and Uncle Teddlious. Or Foof2.

When I woke up today, it was to an update that my sister was on her way to the hospital. As I finish this piece of writing, she is at the hospital and the baby is almost here. My next piece will be written by someone is still a daughter, a sister, a fiancée, a friend and now a proud Aunt.


As of about somewhere between 6:45 AM and 6:55 AM, I became an Aunt to the beautiful Marisol Acadia. I say she is beautiful because she is. And she is ours. Welcome to the world, Marisol. Happy Birthday.



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Mari will treasure this!

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