.blog neglect.


Whew! The past week has been insanely busy and has resulted in zero blogs. Shame shame.
Here is the update on what’s been going on:
- Went dress shopping. Twice. Stay tuned for future blog called dress mess, because that is what dress shopping is right now.
- Purchased Groomsmen gifts, part 1.
- We wrote our bridal party bios and will be introducing you to the entourage shortly.
- Made and cancelled several phone dates with our graphic designer to work on our Save The Dates. New phone is scheduled for Monday.
- Missed the gym, each and every day.
- Found some bridesmaids dresses to ponder.

-Started my Bridal Beauty routine.
-Booked make up, sort of.
In about a month, we will move at full speed ahead for the wedding planning….. EEK!!! I can not wait.

More details and fun blogging to follow shortly


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