This may be one of the best weeks in a while...


Why? Tuesday nite is Mystery Date with Flo. We have this thing…. We call is “Mystery Date”. It started in the 2nd month of our relationship and has been going strong ever since. We do take a break in December and January. December because it’s Christmas and there are so many parties and events. Why January? Well we both have birthdays in January. Not just two birthdays, but back-to-back birthdays, so it makes sense to take this month off also. We alternate months, so we have more than enough time to come up with something for our next turn. March is Flo’s month… April is my month. April is also our wedding month, I am hoping to do a “pre-anniversary” mystery date and celebrate our wedding day to be!

Rules of Mystery Date:
--The person planning the date drives AND pays.
--Mystery Date can be ANYTHING - dinner, an event, an activity, trip to the bookstore, dinner at home… anything!

It started one nite when Flo took me out to dinner, but wouldn’t tell me where we were going. We’ve done dinner at new restaurants, Nevada Historical Museum, Neon Boneyard, a weekend at Lake Las Vegas, even pedicures! My favorite was Flo taking me to Lake Las Vegas for the weekend followed by the Neon Boneyard and Flo’s favorite was the pedicure. He was FREAKED out when I pulled up to Summerlin Medical Center…since I am diabetic, it isn’t smart to just walk into any nail place and get a pedicure. I highly recommend Futzpah 118 in the Summerlin Medical Center; it is a little pricier than a standard nail place, but well worth it! They offer a special “Unsugar my Tootsies” diabetic pedicure. Even funnier, the week before Flo had a doctor appointment in the building and the building also houses my, um…girlie doctor… The anticipation killed him? Colonoscopies? Ultra sound? Blood work? WHAT?!?! He was quite relieved to learn it was a pedi and really enjoyed the experience.

I have an idea of where he is taking me tonite… but won’t post it. I will send a photo tonite while we are there!

Why am I blogging about Mystery Date since it is not wedding related (NWR)? Because Flo and I think that it is a good idea for ALL couples, whether you have been dating a month or 40 years! My parents even did it, once. Well, they did it at least twice, but they did Mystery Date once. All the advice professionals say to continue to date your spouse. Don’t stop having fun and don’t stop romancing each other. This is something we began in the early stages of our relationship and will continue well beyond our 40th anniversary! I hope. This “tradition” we have is something that we share together- creating a more intimate bond and something we look forward to experiencing each month- creating excitement and anticipation. Typically, I hate surprises!! I just had two surprise showers last week and it killed me to keep it a surprise, but Mystery Date reels me in and drives me crazy! I am always trying to figure it out…. Stay tuned for an “I told ya so…” or an “I was wrong….”

Then- on Saturday Flo and I are going to catch a Mariner's baseball game. Preseason game are being played in Vegas and we are going! Beautiful weather (of course!), beer, peanuts, hot dogs, my best friend and baseball. Ahem... I WILL however, be wearing my Andy Pettitte t-shirt.

Now, if only I can get through this work week.

Foreward to Pre-Planning


Let’s face it- I would be a complete and total liar if my blog boasted about how simple wedding planning really is. I am here to tell you that it is not. But it also does not have to be all-consuming and eat you alive. I am an event planner by profession, also a former wedding coordinator, and it overwhelms me at times, even though I though my cool and composure would be kept at all times.

My own personal rule #1:
KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE PRIZE. What is this day about? It is about marrying the love of your life, your best friend and committing to each other for life, not for one day, so don’t make the event about one day. Things can and will go wrong. You can make those moments a little less stressful by being prepared (you did ask your A-team to be bridesmaids for a reason, right??) and by staying focused on what this day means. It will not define your marriage or your life if one small thing goes wrong. Even if a major catastrophe crops up, it does not define you or your marriage. By keeping your eye on the prize (your new husband or wife) these minor jolts in the day will seem miniscule. Laugh about it on your five or ten year anniversary….

My most overwhelming ditty right now?? The guest list! I asked the parents for an A-list and a B-list. D-listers, beware! It pretty much looks like an A-lister wedding all the way! We are 50+ over where we had hoped to be, luckily, the invites aren’t going out tomorrow. The daunting part for me? Do you know how many people are going to enter into our lives or come out of the woodwork over the next several months? It is time to put a cap on the list, this goes for me too…. I keep adding people. Shhhh…don’t tell on me.

My least overwhelming ditty? My vendors. Most of them are already verbally secured, thank you to my career in events and weddings. Hey, when isn’t “You ARE doing my wedding, I can’t have an event without you!” not considered secure?

As I finish my story on Las Vegas Bride, more planning information will come forth. In the blog queue right now: a blog on dress shopping in NYC, “The Entourage” where we introduce you to the members of our wedding entourage and soon it will be time to dig deep into the details with photos and ideas! Stay tuned….


Pretties Day, Vol. 1


It has been decided that Friday is going to be “Pretties Day”. Each Friday (or so I hope), I will give a beauty product review, tip, or some sort of Public Service Announcement. Typically on a Friday at work, I dress down, but usually have something going on for the weekend where I may need to dress up a bit. Friday seems like the perfect day to be a little less serious about blogging and a little more informative about making ourselves feel better.

Those are close to me know that I am a tried and true beauty junkie. If I could be a make up artist right now, I would be…but it is kind of late to just abandon my current career ship and jump aboard something else… “especially in this economy”. Plus if my pleasure become my work, it may no longer be pleasurable. I wonder if Vegas prosties think the same way? Hmmm

Today’s tip: Grandma Hands. Yes, there is a sweet and touching email poem about hands that flies around every quarter or more. But come on….do we want Grandma’s hands in our 30s and 40s? Not so much, I presume. This tip is a great one! But a nighttime serum. A good one. Currently, I am using Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair . This was one of the samples I received in the Civil Suit Settlement against cosmetic companies back in January. Remember that? Well it was free and I tried it. So far I like it and when used in conjunction with my new day serum….. Oh wait, that will be next week’s topic. Let’s just say that I am very pleased with these products and will continue using them beyond the life of my free “trial size”.

Ok- I said in the beginning that I would put it all out there.... here is a picture of my hand in January, just after receiving the ring. Awful picture, awful manicure... but I will give it a few more weeks and retake the picture and you can do a before and after comparison:


Anyway, after applying to your face at nite, be sure to apply one drop to each hand. Rub it in on the back of your hand and up to your finger tips. Think about it: What it does to your face overnite, it will do to your hands. I did notice a difference already in having less hand wrinkles. I also exfoliate. Often. My favorite product for this is Mary Kay’s Satin Hands Set.

I love, love, love exfoliating my hands before any outing where I know the imminent question will be asked, “So, let me see the ring!” I am not a poster child for perfectly manicured hands and I should be; however, exfoliating helps out quite a bit. This I usually do twice a week and it feels amazing. You can also go to your nearest Aveda store and have them exfoliate for you… having someone else do it always magnifies the joy a crazillion times.

I truly feel as though your skin is worth the investment. The above products are sure stand outs in my world!

The W's


Well, let’s recap what we have so far:

W is for Who:
Jennifer. Hails from Northeastern PA. The youngest of two, the first to marry.
Call me the marriage guinea pig. A Penn State Grad (go State schools!!), moved to Vegas on a whim in 2003. It obviously it working out well for me.

Tedd. Hails from the Seattle area. The youngest of three and the last to marry. It took him a while, but it was well worth the wait! A Washington State grad (go State schools!) Moved to Vegas in 2004 for a job. It is working out well for him too!
Blog name: Flo

W is for What:
The Wedding.
Our wedding. Our lifetime together chronicled. Our lifetime together begins now. Period. New line.

W is for Where:
The ceremony:
Caesars Palace. Having worked there for a couple of years and having already planned over 400 weddings there, what is one more?? If the new Juno Garden is as lovely as they say it will be, then we are sure to say we do there.

The reception:
Siena Golf Course. Che Bella. What beauty, seriously. This place is amazing. It sits on the Southwest part of town and has an amazing view of the mountains and a gorgeous lake for great photo ops. You still have time to perfect your “self portrait” shot!

W is Why:
If you need to ask why:
Because my life without Flo would be a disaster. He is probably one of the five people in this world who “get” me and still loves me. I always thought the “marry your best friend” was crap and cheesy, but it is true. I can’t speak for him, but I am pretty darn sure that he feels the same. Flo was never one to think of marriage before….even after he proposed, after reading it in the newspaper and hearing it on the radio; many didn’t think it was real. Why? Simply because we are meant to be together. Fate, destiny and my heart have already confirmed that. My head and heart agree, for the first time.

W is for When:
The Date:
April 24, 2010. 4.24.10 I like the way those numbers look. And because October was too soon.

H is for How:
The Details:
That is the purpose of this bog, to show you the “how” of it all taking place. The good, the bad, the happy and the bridezilla. It will be typed out for all to see. Ouch…what did I get myself into now?

The NEW blog launch


Hello & welcome to the new, official launch of Jennifer & Tedd: Nearlyweds! First, my heartfelt thanks for my friend Laura for her design help on this blog. She is the reason why I am proud to show it off. Otherwise, this would just be a blah-g. Get it? Blahg. I’m here all week, folks.

This blog will be the official chronicles of my wedding planning. If you prefer not to dig deep into the the depths of my blogosphere, here is the quick update:

I’ve been a wedding planner who has planned over 400 weddings already in her lifetime. I am no David Tutera, but I am certainly not wet behind the ears either. There is something about planning your own event that completely transforms the vision and the pressure. These are my choices, my decisions, my photos that will last forever and ever, amen. Photos….oy they certainly do last forever. Make sure everything is classic-trendy, not just trendy. I get visions of World’s Worst Wedding Bloopers episodes in my head…you know when the bride’s 1987 poufy hair piece catches on fire?!?!! I wonder if, in 22 years, we will see Bird Cage veils on fire?

Anyway, if you are following along this journey with me I promise laughs, probably some cries, some examining thoughts and I’m sure a disagreement or two. No matter what you think or feel, my comment section is open. As are invitations to Guest Bloggers—this is an open invitation to bridal party, designers, vendors, family…and anyone else who speaks now or forever holds their peace. Or is it piece? Hold your piece of…?

Continuing on… we solidified the date. We solidified the location for ceremony and reception. We have a wedding planner to assist. Sounds like an oxymoron, right? Oh I am no moron… I have a planner. There is a caterer, a photographer and my beauty team- they know my hair and my skin, I wouldn’t leave home without them.

Coming up in a future edition of Jennifer & Tedd: Nearlyweds— Meet The Entourage…. Who are the accomplices in our wedding?

Two down...


Today will make "Two down...two or three more to go..." in terms of the bridal party. Flo got all five of his party confirmed. He asked them via email.... they all called him to accept! How cute! I am asking with bribery... I mean gifts. Today I give out two gifts...stay tuned for the answers.

I am on the East Coast visiting with family, going to a baby shower and a bridal shower. No, they are not for the same person and they are not for me. It is always nice to get away and clear the head with some fresh PA air and get in some sales tax free shopping!

No progress has been made on the wedding front... although I have a great blog that needs to be posted on confirming and reconfirming. On Monday, my first bridezilla moment occurred.

Blogging will pick up full steam ahead once it is decorated and ready for public viewing.

Wish me luck as I begin asking my bridal party...have to admit, I am a little nervous!

Gifty Gifterson & Hairy Hairperson


On Monday, I received the bridesmaid asking gifts and they are super adorable! Sorry to make you keep waiting…but photos will be taken AFTER I give out the first one or three. So exciting!!! Stay tuned.

While carousing through the mall yesterday… wedding hair came to mind. About a year ago, globs and globs of my hair starting falling out and lasted about 4-5 months. It was awful. Normally, my mop is thick, like a pony tail holder can only make it around my hair twice… well come June of 2008, I could not only wrap it four or five times, but I could also get it ALL up in am mini clippie. Tiny clip. A visit to the dermatologist had confirmed that it was related to stress and medications and also assured me that it would grow back. Nothing was worse than my hair just falling out, if it was windy, watch out—little hair of mine was going to be in your face, on your plate, or crawling down your arm. Eventually it did start to grow back at the rate in which hair grows- about ½ inch a month. Well when hair grows out, it also has to go up. So for about a month, there were horrifically embarrassing short hairs sticking out ALL over my head. It was actually more comical than embarrassing!

My hair isn’t what I would consider long right now, but if it grows for the next 13 months….with regular trims, it can be about five or six inches longer than where it is now. May be enough for a lovely wedding ‘do…maybe not enough. I hope it is enough, because now I am toying with the idea of letting it grow out, chopping it off after the wedding and doing a “locks of love” type of deal. I’ve always wanted to experiment with a bob but have been too scared, this may be my one and only chance. Now, if this doesn’t happen, I will feel terribly guilty for thinking it and not fulfilling it. Stay tuned, obviously, details will come. As far as hair pictures go, I am totally trusting my stylist to take over. She is not only an amazingly talented hair artist, but an amazingly good friend of mine who knows me and my hair very well! I’m not even sure if collecting hair photos will happen she is that good!

Weekend of Nothings....


Friday nite didn't start out with high hopes for the weekend.... but it sure didn't turn out as I had imagined. Friday nite was supposed to be birthday celebration with friends. Saturday AM was supposed to be blogging and skyping with LED and afternoon was supposed to be gambling with Mil, dinner with Bell on Saturday, Sunday lunch with Burg. Here is what really happened: Friday nite date nite with Flo, we used a gift certificate from my birthday. Dinner turn out to be $20, sweet.

Saturday, work up at my usual 6 am, sent a few texts and fell back asleep only to wake up to a message from Bell to take her kid to get her hair done, as she was in the ER!! WHAT?!? Turns out, it wasn't major and all is well....but instead of gambling, I went to the ER to make sure that she got home OK. I am a good friend. Hurried home, put on some make up and took Mil to go gamble with friends, since I had to crap out on gambling. Then hurried back to the other side of town to go with Bell, Kid and Date to pre-Sadie Hawkins dinner. Thank goodness for wine.

Sunday: Church with Flo and Mil, then some fabulous Dim Sum. So stuffed. Blood glucose is running high this weekend but I think that it is from the rush of yesterday. Then onto a brief nap...not so good movie and holy moly it is almost 7:30 pm....already!

It was actually a fine weekend... everyone is happy and healthy.

Tomorrow, I pick up my BM asking gifts! Yay! I can't wait to post a picture of them and get some real blogs going.

To all...have a safe and restful evening. Cheers!



When I spoke with Pops on Wednesday, to wish him a happy happy birfday, he told me that he started making our favors!!! Yippee! It is tacky to give it away?? Comment if you really, really wanna know!! Over the next few months, though, I am sure that the details will have some spillage as we design the labels!! :-)

Summary of my life...


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Welcome To My Party, Part 2


Party of seven.

As I blog, Flo is writing an email to his best man and groomsmen, asking them to be in his wedding party! The subject: The email you thought you would never get from ME! So fitting. If you don’t know Flo, this is monumental, as his friends and family never thought that he’d ever settle down. It took 35 years… that is a long enough time to spend “finding yourself”. We are attempting to craft a crafty email… he is suffering a minor episode of writer’s block. I suggested that he make it 007-style with a “Should you choose to accept your mission…” email. Being in Flo’s bridal party is definitely a mission that will have much to accomplish. The first thing they asked about once we got engaged? “BACHELOR PARTY”. Of course! We do live in Vegas, after all.

Here is a picture of Flo, his Best Man (Far left) and two of the four Groomsmen.

My bridal party update?? Well, on Monday, I am having dinner with Miss Sugar and Spice and picking up my cards and gifts from her! Can’t wait. This is going to be the 2nd check that I write out for wedding stuff! Yay. Then, when I go to the East Coast in two weeks, I will begin the search for the perfect (bridal) party and ask my sister. Further details are withheld, as those people may be reading this blog.
Flo?? How’s going? He is ready to send his email… I think that a little sense of reality has set in. This. Is. Really. Happening. Yes, yes it is. Maybe that is why I am holding off? Haha. Just kidding, I can not wait to ask my party. Then, I won’t feel as guilty for burdening with them wedding details! :)

Well… in our next episode of “Sheshlywed”, we will find out if any of the men have responded. To be continued…..