Gifty Gifterson & Hairy Hairperson


On Monday, I received the bridesmaid asking gifts and they are super adorable! Sorry to make you keep waiting…but photos will be taken AFTER I give out the first one or three. So exciting!!! Stay tuned.

While carousing through the mall yesterday… wedding hair came to mind. About a year ago, globs and globs of my hair starting falling out and lasted about 4-5 months. It was awful. Normally, my mop is thick, like a pony tail holder can only make it around my hair twice… well come June of 2008, I could not only wrap it four or five times, but I could also get it ALL up in am mini clippie. Tiny clip. A visit to the dermatologist had confirmed that it was related to stress and medications and also assured me that it would grow back. Nothing was worse than my hair just falling out, if it was windy, watch out—little hair of mine was going to be in your face, on your plate, or crawling down your arm. Eventually it did start to grow back at the rate in which hair grows- about ½ inch a month. Well when hair grows out, it also has to go up. So for about a month, there were horrifically embarrassing short hairs sticking out ALL over my head. It was actually more comical than embarrassing!

My hair isn’t what I would consider long right now, but if it grows for the next 13 months….with regular trims, it can be about five or six inches longer than where it is now. May be enough for a lovely wedding ‘do…maybe not enough. I hope it is enough, because now I am toying with the idea of letting it grow out, chopping it off after the wedding and doing a “locks of love” type of deal. I’ve always wanted to experiment with a bob but have been too scared, this may be my one and only chance. Now, if this doesn’t happen, I will feel terribly guilty for thinking it and not fulfilling it. Stay tuned, obviously, details will come. As far as hair pictures go, I am totally trusting my stylist to take over. She is not only an amazingly talented hair artist, but an amazingly good friend of mine who knows me and my hair very well! I’m not even sure if collecting hair photos will happen she is that good!


Stacey said...

Hey girl, thanks for making me aware of your blog! I was wondering whether you were still at it or not. I can relate to this article...I'm going through the same stress-related thin-out. Keep up the good work with the planning and the blogging!

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