Two down...


Today will make "Two down...two or three more to go..." in terms of the bridal party. Flo got all five of his party confirmed. He asked them via email.... they all called him to accept! How cute! I am asking with bribery... I mean gifts. Today I give out two gifts...stay tuned for the answers.

I am on the East Coast visiting with family, going to a baby shower and a bridal shower. No, they are not for the same person and they are not for me. It is always nice to get away and clear the head with some fresh PA air and get in some sales tax free shopping!

No progress has been made on the wedding front... although I have a great blog that needs to be posted on confirming and reconfirming. On Monday, my first bridezilla moment occurred.

Blogging will pick up full steam ahead once it is decorated and ready for public viewing.

Wish me luck as I begin asking my bridal party...have to admit, I am a little nervous!


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