The NEW blog launch


Hello & welcome to the new, official launch of Jennifer & Tedd: Nearlyweds! First, my heartfelt thanks for my friend Laura for her design help on this blog. She is the reason why I am proud to show it off. Otherwise, this would just be a blah-g. Get it? Blahg. I’m here all week, folks.

This blog will be the official chronicles of my wedding planning. If you prefer not to dig deep into the the depths of my blogosphere, here is the quick update:

I’ve been a wedding planner who has planned over 400 weddings already in her lifetime. I am no David Tutera, but I am certainly not wet behind the ears either. There is something about planning your own event that completely transforms the vision and the pressure. These are my choices, my decisions, my photos that will last forever and ever, amen. Photos….oy they certainly do last forever. Make sure everything is classic-trendy, not just trendy. I get visions of World’s Worst Wedding Bloopers episodes in my head…you know when the bride’s 1987 poufy hair piece catches on fire?!?!! I wonder if, in 22 years, we will see Bird Cage veils on fire?

Anyway, if you are following along this journey with me I promise laughs, probably some cries, some examining thoughts and I’m sure a disagreement or two. No matter what you think or feel, my comment section is open. As are invitations to Guest Bloggers—this is an open invitation to bridal party, designers, vendors, family…and anyone else who speaks now or forever holds their peace. Or is it piece? Hold your piece of…?

Continuing on… we solidified the date. We solidified the location for ceremony and reception. We have a wedding planner to assist. Sounds like an oxymoron, right? Oh I am no moron… I have a planner. There is a caterer, a photographer and my beauty team- they know my hair and my skin, I wouldn’t leave home without them.

Coming up in a future edition of Jennifer & Tedd: Nearlyweds— Meet The Entourage…. Who are the accomplices in our wedding?


immissnu said...

Girl you are too adorable....And I love the fact you have made a forum for "Nearlyweds" to meet,greet,chat or just read and be informed like me(since I see no "Nearlywed" in my near-future)...LOL See you at work tomorrow :)Luv Kat

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