The W's


Well, let’s recap what we have so far:

W is for Who:
Jennifer. Hails from Northeastern PA. The youngest of two, the first to marry.
Call me the marriage guinea pig. A Penn State Grad (go State schools!!), moved to Vegas on a whim in 2003. It obviously it working out well for me.

Tedd. Hails from the Seattle area. The youngest of three and the last to marry. It took him a while, but it was well worth the wait! A Washington State grad (go State schools!) Moved to Vegas in 2004 for a job. It is working out well for him too!
Blog name: Flo

W is for What:
The Wedding.
Our wedding. Our lifetime together chronicled. Our lifetime together begins now. Period. New line.

W is for Where:
The ceremony:
Caesars Palace. Having worked there for a couple of years and having already planned over 400 weddings there, what is one more?? If the new Juno Garden is as lovely as they say it will be, then we are sure to say we do there.

The reception:
Siena Golf Course. Che Bella. What beauty, seriously. This place is amazing. It sits on the Southwest part of town and has an amazing view of the mountains and a gorgeous lake for great photo ops. You still have time to perfect your “self portrait” shot!

W is Why:
If you need to ask why:
Because my life without Flo would be a disaster. He is probably one of the five people in this world who “get” me and still loves me. I always thought the “marry your best friend” was crap and cheesy, but it is true. I can’t speak for him, but I am pretty darn sure that he feels the same. Flo was never one to think of marriage before….even after he proposed, after reading it in the newspaper and hearing it on the radio; many didn’t think it was real. Why? Simply because we are meant to be together. Fate, destiny and my heart have already confirmed that. My head and heart agree, for the first time.

W is for When:
The Date:
April 24, 2010. 4.24.10 I like the way those numbers look. And because October was too soon.

H is for How:
The Details:
That is the purpose of this bog, to show you the “how” of it all taking place. The good, the bad, the happy and the bridezilla. It will be typed out for all to see. Ouch…what did I get myself into now?


Jenny Georgio-who said...

Yippe! I found your blog and its beautiful!! :) I wish you and Ted the very very best in life and I can't wait to see how your wedding turns out. Having planned over 400 isn't it hard to come up with something new and original?

I'm excited to hear / read all the details!!

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