Pretties Day, Vol. 1


It has been decided that Friday is going to be “Pretties Day”. Each Friday (or so I hope), I will give a beauty product review, tip, or some sort of Public Service Announcement. Typically on a Friday at work, I dress down, but usually have something going on for the weekend where I may need to dress up a bit. Friday seems like the perfect day to be a little less serious about blogging and a little more informative about making ourselves feel better.

Those are close to me know that I am a tried and true beauty junkie. If I could be a make up artist right now, I would be…but it is kind of late to just abandon my current career ship and jump aboard something else… “especially in this economy”. Plus if my pleasure become my work, it may no longer be pleasurable. I wonder if Vegas prosties think the same way? Hmmm

Today’s tip: Grandma Hands. Yes, there is a sweet and touching email poem about hands that flies around every quarter or more. But come on….do we want Grandma’s hands in our 30s and 40s? Not so much, I presume. This tip is a great one! But a nighttime serum. A good one. Currently, I am using Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair . This was one of the samples I received in the Civil Suit Settlement against cosmetic companies back in January. Remember that? Well it was free and I tried it. So far I like it and when used in conjunction with my new day serum….. Oh wait, that will be next week’s topic. Let’s just say that I am very pleased with these products and will continue using them beyond the life of my free “trial size”.

Ok- I said in the beginning that I would put it all out there.... here is a picture of my hand in January, just after receiving the ring. Awful picture, awful manicure... but I will give it a few more weeks and retake the picture and you can do a before and after comparison:


Anyway, after applying to your face at nite, be sure to apply one drop to each hand. Rub it in on the back of your hand and up to your finger tips. Think about it: What it does to your face overnite, it will do to your hands. I did notice a difference already in having less hand wrinkles. I also exfoliate. Often. My favorite product for this is Mary Kay’s Satin Hands Set.

I love, love, love exfoliating my hands before any outing where I know the imminent question will be asked, “So, let me see the ring!” I am not a poster child for perfectly manicured hands and I should be; however, exfoliating helps out quite a bit. This I usually do twice a week and it feels amazing. You can also go to your nearest Aveda store and have them exfoliate for you… having someone else do it always magnifies the joy a crazillion times.

I truly feel as though your skin is worth the investment. The above products are sure stand outs in my world!


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