Foreward to Pre-Planning


Let’s face it- I would be a complete and total liar if my blog boasted about how simple wedding planning really is. I am here to tell you that it is not. But it also does not have to be all-consuming and eat you alive. I am an event planner by profession, also a former wedding coordinator, and it overwhelms me at times, even though I though my cool and composure would be kept at all times.

My own personal rule #1:
KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE PRIZE. What is this day about? It is about marrying the love of your life, your best friend and committing to each other for life, not for one day, so don’t make the event about one day. Things can and will go wrong. You can make those moments a little less stressful by being prepared (you did ask your A-team to be bridesmaids for a reason, right??) and by staying focused on what this day means. It will not define your marriage or your life if one small thing goes wrong. Even if a major catastrophe crops up, it does not define you or your marriage. By keeping your eye on the prize (your new husband or wife) these minor jolts in the day will seem miniscule. Laugh about it on your five or ten year anniversary….

My most overwhelming ditty right now?? The guest list! I asked the parents for an A-list and a B-list. D-listers, beware! It pretty much looks like an A-lister wedding all the way! We are 50+ over where we had hoped to be, luckily, the invites aren’t going out tomorrow. The daunting part for me? Do you know how many people are going to enter into our lives or come out of the woodwork over the next several months? It is time to put a cap on the list, this goes for me too…. I keep adding people. Shhhh…don’t tell on me.

My least overwhelming ditty? My vendors. Most of them are already verbally secured, thank you to my career in events and weddings. Hey, when isn’t “You ARE doing my wedding, I can’t have an event without you!” not considered secure?

As I finish my story on Las Vegas Bride, more planning information will come forth. In the blog queue right now: a blog on dress shopping in NYC, “The Entourage” where we introduce you to the members of our wedding entourage and soon it will be time to dig deep into the details with photos and ideas! Stay tuned….



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