This may be one of the best weeks in a while...


Why? Tuesday nite is Mystery Date with Flo. We have this thing…. We call is “Mystery Date”. It started in the 2nd month of our relationship and has been going strong ever since. We do take a break in December and January. December because it’s Christmas and there are so many parties and events. Why January? Well we both have birthdays in January. Not just two birthdays, but back-to-back birthdays, so it makes sense to take this month off also. We alternate months, so we have more than enough time to come up with something for our next turn. March is Flo’s month… April is my month. April is also our wedding month, I am hoping to do a “pre-anniversary” mystery date and celebrate our wedding day to be!

Rules of Mystery Date:
--The person planning the date drives AND pays.
--Mystery Date can be ANYTHING - dinner, an event, an activity, trip to the bookstore, dinner at home… anything!

It started one nite when Flo took me out to dinner, but wouldn’t tell me where we were going. We’ve done dinner at new restaurants, Nevada Historical Museum, Neon Boneyard, a weekend at Lake Las Vegas, even pedicures! My favorite was Flo taking me to Lake Las Vegas for the weekend followed by the Neon Boneyard and Flo’s favorite was the pedicure. He was FREAKED out when I pulled up to Summerlin Medical Center…since I am diabetic, it isn’t smart to just walk into any nail place and get a pedicure. I highly recommend Futzpah 118 in the Summerlin Medical Center; it is a little pricier than a standard nail place, but well worth it! They offer a special “Unsugar my Tootsies” diabetic pedicure. Even funnier, the week before Flo had a doctor appointment in the building and the building also houses my, um…girlie doctor… The anticipation killed him? Colonoscopies? Ultra sound? Blood work? WHAT?!?! He was quite relieved to learn it was a pedi and really enjoyed the experience.

I have an idea of where he is taking me tonite… but won’t post it. I will send a photo tonite while we are there!

Why am I blogging about Mystery Date since it is not wedding related (NWR)? Because Flo and I think that it is a good idea for ALL couples, whether you have been dating a month or 40 years! My parents even did it, once. Well, they did it at least twice, but they did Mystery Date once. All the advice professionals say to continue to date your spouse. Don’t stop having fun and don’t stop romancing each other. This is something we began in the early stages of our relationship and will continue well beyond our 40th anniversary! I hope. This “tradition” we have is something that we share together- creating a more intimate bond and something we look forward to experiencing each month- creating excitement and anticipation. Typically, I hate surprises!! I just had two surprise showers last week and it killed me to keep it a surprise, but Mystery Date reels me in and drives me crazy! I am always trying to figure it out…. Stay tuned for an “I told ya so…” or an “I was wrong….”

Then- on Saturday Flo and I are going to catch a Mariner's baseball game. Preseason game are being played in Vegas and we are going! Beautiful weather (of course!), beer, peanuts, hot dogs, my best friend and baseball. Ahem... I WILL however, be wearing my Andy Pettitte t-shirt.

Now, if only I can get through this work week.


Retro Bakery said...

This is a GREAT idea. After 11 years of marriage, it might be a good idea to get back some MYSTERY.
I may do this soon!!!
how do you get into the boneyard? Where's the entrance? I always drive by, but have never been IN!

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