Welcome To My Party, Part 2


Party of seven.

As I blog, Flo is writing an email to his best man and groomsmen, asking them to be in his wedding party! The subject: The email you thought you would never get from ME! So fitting. If you don’t know Flo, this is monumental, as his friends and family never thought that he’d ever settle down. It took 35 years… that is a long enough time to spend “finding yourself”. We are attempting to craft a crafty email… he is suffering a minor episode of writer’s block. I suggested that he make it 007-style with a “Should you choose to accept your mission…” email. Being in Flo’s bridal party is definitely a mission that will have much to accomplish. The first thing they asked about once we got engaged? “BACHELOR PARTY”. Of course! We do live in Vegas, after all.

Here is a picture of Flo, his Best Man (Far left) and two of the four Groomsmen.

My bridal party update?? Well, on Monday, I am having dinner with Miss Sugar and Spice and picking up my cards and gifts from her! Can’t wait. This is going to be the 2nd check that I write out for wedding stuff! Yay. Then, when I go to the East Coast in two weeks, I will begin the search for the perfect (bridal) party and ask my sister. Further details are withheld, as those people may be reading this blog.
Flo?? How’s going? He is ready to send his email… I think that a little sense of reality has set in. This. Is. Really. Happening. Yes, yes it is. Maybe that is why I am holding off? Haha. Just kidding, I can not wait to ask my party. Then, I won’t feel as guilty for burdening with them wedding details! :)

Well… in our next episode of “Sheshlywed”, we will find out if any of the men have responded. To be continued…..


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