Let's go on a date.


Yesterday, Flo and I booked our reception venue. It was surreal, but not in the way I thought it would be. TV, books and internet really do skew your mind and emotions. We should have popped some bubbly and celebrated…but instead we rushed to get something into FedEx by 4:45….we arrived at 4:39….sweet! Then rummaged around Whole Foods talking about how starvin’ Marvin we were and went to get some Mexican food at Dona Marie and then went to Cake World! YUM. Not wedding cake quality, but it was delectable. And that is how we spent the day in which we booked our venue.

Dying for the goods, aren’t you? Well….not just yet…. It is kind of like asking my bridal party before I ask my sister to be in the wedding…. I need to tell more people about the date and location.

TODAY I booked the wedding venue. It is a place that we had looked at quite a while ago and then finally go Flo to agree with me on it. He is more of a traditionalist and always assumed it would be a church wedding. This is an outdoor venue, not a church. We are exploring ways to make both happen. Maybe I should save that for another topic. Today, we will just discuss dates, not details. I did smile uncontrollably today after booking the date, that really made it all come together. As if it is solid and the planning can begin. Now, I can't wait for someone to ask me if we've set a date! The news was shared with a few close friends who were unfortunate to be within an ear shot or email blast away.... thanks for listening, girls.

So here it is:
Date: Check
Time: Check
Venue for ceremony: Check
Contract: No check, this is to follow
Deposit: Nope, not yet
Venue for reception: Check
Contract: Check…I signed my life away on this thing…
Deposit: Check….one of the top few largest checks I’ve ever written!

We are well on our way. Ohh….the Las Vegas Bride story…. Wow between LVB and the Catholic weddings, I sense a few more blogs waiting to happen!

Here is a picture of the happy twosome!


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