.shoe me baby.


There is a saying about putting a cart before the horse and not to do it. I’m guessing that you also shouldn’t put the shoe before the wedding dress?? Lately, I have been obsessing over a certain style of how, inspired by a Christian Louboutin that is nowhere to be found on line. Anywhere. It must not be real then because we all know that if it’s online then it is true, real and correct. Not being able to locate this shoe is probably a good thing because I’m 995 dollars, I mean percent, sure that they would fall out of my shoe budget.

I browsed a few sites and found several variations of the style over which I obsess. The true test will be trying on this style and confirming comfort. The closed back looks like a heel wound waiting to happen. Luckily, I have quite sometime left before needing to find and purchase shoes and scrutinizing their level of comfort. Oh…yea, there needs to be a dress first, also. So in the meantime I share with you my current love of this shoe.

PS By the way, if you are a bettor, I’m making odds that they won’t be in white, ivory, diamond white, eggshell or any other neutral!

.shoe by touch ups.

.shoe by benjamin adams.
.shoe by liz rene.


Jenny Georgio-who said...

Love those shoes! I had something very similiar for my wedding! Gorgeous!!

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