A little fitness humor....


Yesterday’s blog had me reminiscing about something that I had as a chubby little kid- the “Get In Shape Girl” exercise set. Back in the day- and still sometimes today- I thought that just by owning the equipment, magically I’d get in shape. Much to my dismay, that was the wrong through process. Probably the reason for my still flabby buh-byeceps- I have the workout gloves, but they don’t life the weights and poof! turn my arms shapely. My memory has reached a failure fuse in recalling what, if any, of these workout delights I once owned. Maybe the parent units can remember, but I was definitely a wrist band girl as a child. I remember wearing them in the 80s to go do exercises with my dad! How cool was I? If only I had a photo to show my degree of coolness.

In case you don’t remember the joys that were Get In Shape Girl, allow me to introduce you, courtesy of You Tube. Guh! Casette tapes!

Click here to watch a faded, but good You Tube video.

Ahhh to be young again… wait…. I was a chubby kid….to not be young and vulnerable again.


Stacey said...

That is too funny! Yes I remember "Get in shape girl". They came with cassette tapes just like the Jem dolls. I myself owned the weight-bangle bracelet thingies and the button with that long ribbon on the end of it by "Get in Shape Girl." Thanks for the reminiscence.

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