.e-pics: lessons learned.


Lessons Learned from Engagement Photos:

1. I read up on E-pic sessions and it was recommended to leave your purses, bags, etc. behind and just take your car key. I disagree. Take everything you need: lipstick/gloss, compact, hair spray, make up for touch ups, mirror, and snacks! (especially if you are diabetic, like me)…. At the Boneyard, there was a table where we kept our items and I totally could have used a touch up.

2. Keep your lip sticks, gloss, keys, etc. in a bag. DO NOT keep them in your pocket like I did. D’oh….

3. Practice your poses! We did this, trust me…but still ran into difficulties with “performing” on the spot.

4. Therefore—if you find pictures that you love, save them, print them and take them with you. Give them to the photographer or the assistant so that they can guide you through the poses when your mind goes blank. We reviewed poses with Scott at 11 am but by 3 pm we had all forgotten everything. Should have brought the photos with us.

5. Over prepare. I spent weeks trying to get the outfits perfect- I took two garment bags full and wore only four outfits but I was prepared and felt good about the day.

6. Be sure to share with your photographer body parts, skin imperfections or your best side so that he or she can be sure to warn you about your armpit cleavage and not get your cheek pimple!

7. Have a mimosa! It would have loosened me up a little bit earlier. Even though I’ve been friends with our photographer for years and am comfortable with him, there was just something about the pressure of engagement photos that left me stiff, antsy and showing a forced/fake smile.

8. Enjoy and have fun! It hit us a few times, “WOW! These are our engagement photos.” It was surreal yet exhilarating.


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