.engagement photos: recap, part I.


Our engagement photos were Tuesday! It was quite exciting yet exhausting. We left our house at 8:15 am and returned home at almost 9 pm. It was a full and quite productive day.

Instead of starting the day with an energizing workout, the day started out with me tending to a rather large pimple on my cheek. I knew that it was coming; it made its presence felt way before it ever showed its ugly face. Isn’t that how luck goes? Especially for someone who rarely has any blemishes? Once the sun began to rise, I began to shine. My excitement could not be contained behind tired eyes and I was up at the crack of dawn.

Best part of the morning? Getting up, showering and not having to do my hair or makeup. It made the morning a breeze! We packed up the car and headed out to get my hairs did. The thing that I love most about my stylist, other than her also being a great friend to me, is that I never have to really tell her what I want. This time, I did show a photo and she blew that photo out of the water! I should have known that no images were needed for her amazing skills. In an hour we were out, onto make up. My regular and preferred artist, Craig, had the day off, so he substituted himself with another artist. Make up was done at the MAC Pro Store so I knew that my face was in good hands. It is always a slight challenge to have someone new work their magic on you, but Talia did a great job—so good that I had forgotten she even put on fake eyelashes! Not once did I tug or fidget with them throughout the entire day. It still would have been nice to share the day with my glam man, but there is always the wedding day.

Once we were primped and ready to go, we began the shoot with some portrait/glam shots. Seated, standing, on steps, we looked like we were in a grand mansion somewhere that is not here. We moved into the make shift studio, which is a wedding chapel by typical day, shot some more of the formals, a few solos and then moved onto the comedy shots. With Flo being a local weatherman, we played off of his career by playing Weatherman and Hot Weather Assistant. Those were actually fun and I may, just may use one of those shots for my column.

We took ourselves to the Neon Boneyard, which is what I’ve been waiting for! You pay a fee for one hour, private use of the boneyard. Gosh that hour went quickly! I never changed into the “dressy” outfit that I wanted, but that was by choice, I liked the way our everyday clothes shots were turning out. It took a little while to get into our groove of posing- I had no idea it would be that challenging. It isn’t easy to laugh, smile, pose and joke when put on the spot. Here, we used the cardboard signs with the hopes of using these photos for our STDs. After our hour whizzed by, we took our first break, reviewed some shots and talked about our last set of shots.

When Flo proposed, it was on New Years at Fremont Street. So it was only fitting to take a few shots here. I changed into outfit #4 and off we went. After dinner, wine and a beer, we were warmed up and these shots were effortlessly chic. I’ve always loved the brick wall shots, or where the bride-to-be wears a vibrant outfit and pops from the background. Low and behold we found a brick wall and posed.

But not before we were:
1. Asked to leave by Fremont Security. We kindly told him that we only looked like professional photogs and models. These photos were for personal use- our engagement pics.
2. We were serenaded by two random people who asked if I was a model. My response? “No, I just look like one!” Snap. I’ve always wanted to say that. The serenade song? “It’s So Hard to Say Good Bye to Yesterday” by Boys II men… totally inappropriate? I think so.
3. We were then accosted by a man cradling a Sparks beer in a paper bag. He suggested that Scott put away his camera or he will end of arrested and in jail. Apparently he was rubbed the wrong way by the segway riding security guards who were following him. Can’t say that he is to blame.

It was finally a wrap with some fun, artistic shots that are out of the ordinary. Flo and I are game for anything and are happy to have Scott and Cameron on our team to help us take fabulous, unique, stunning engagement and wedding photos. After yesterday, I am that much more excited for the wedding and all of the amazing ideas that we have for photos! Yippee!!! Now, I have to take my own advice and save the wedding shots that I like.

Up next? My post-shoot advice and things I’ve learned…. In the meantime, enjoy a small preview....


Anonymous said...

just came across your blog and I love it. Know what I love even more? That blue dress you're wearing in these pics!!! Can you please share with me where you got it at?


FutureFlo said...

sure- I bought the dress at Dillards dept. store. On clearance, in April. :(

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