.engagement photo eve.


Finally-tomorrow is our engagement photo session with Scott! Excited is an understatement. Nervous is an accurate statement. Not nervous about the photos themselves, but nervous that l will forget something at home. Or that the wind blows my hair around and I can’t fix it or that one of the selected outfits won’t work, match or fit properly. Yes, I’ve tried everything on. Twice. I have binder clips to help the red dress fit better, double stick tape to de-pouf the sleeves on the blue dress. Skinny underwear, boy short underwear. Strapless bra. Bra with straps. Camisole. Black shoes, nude shoes, green shoes, purple shoes and super high black dress shoes. That ought to do it. Oh! Props. There are some props in the trunk of the car, can’t forget those.

Had The Ring cleaned today while at work. Funny, the lady who discouraged the type of ring that I wanted said, “Oh beautiful setting!” That’s right, lady. And because of your lack of desire to sell anything other than what is in your store, we went elsewhere to buy the ring but thank you for cleaning it. Moving along…. She wouldn’t even let me try on gemstone rings when I saw the setting that I liked. Roo!

Once the photos are taken, Laura and I will begin to collaborate on the Save the Date cards or STDs for short. There is an immature part of me who chuckles each time I write “STD”; I can admit that but only to you.

Flo and I are stoked for these photos and to see how they turn out. This is the first actual organized pre-wedding activity so far! We haven’t had an engagement party because 80% of the bridal party, including our families is from out of town. Maybe down the road? Or how about the “co-ed” shower/engagement celebration?? Upon further research, that may be a viable option. Flo needs love too and needs to be showered with things like towels, video games, shams & bed skirts. Maybe I can register him for some cookware and tie a big hint to it?? Silly, I am.

Time to get rested, at this rate, I can get a full 8 hours of sleep if we try. Hair at 9 am. Makeup at 10:30 am. Photos begin at 11am. Follow my tweets tomorrow for as much play by play as I can give. www.twitter.com/thenearlywed.


Adrienne said...

That is so exciting! I hope your e-shoot went well and that you remembered to bring everything with you. Can't wait to see the results!

Oh, I vote for the co-ed shower as well, we are having one this summer, should be fun!

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