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Today, I treated myself to a little pre- engagement photo pedicure at a fabulous place called Futzpah 118. It is located inside of a podiatrist’s office and is just a-mazing! A little…ok a decent amount more expensive than your neighborhood nail place, but for me, it is worth it. They have a special pedi called “Unsugar my tootsies” and it is for diabetics. Being a Type 1 diabetic, the last, absolute last thing I need is a cut on my foot to lead an infection and thus ending in amputation. You see, everything always ends in the worse possible, dramatic way when I speak, think or write. So to save myself, I treat myself to the pedis on rare occasion. Last occasion was my birthday.

I think about taking my Zillaz here for pedis before the wedding, but they can only seat three people at a time and that means we would have to spend two hours there… hmmmm I will need to think about that. But while I was there, I found great inspiration for my e-pic hair and makeup. So far, I have taken photos of my outfits and will use them to show my hair and makeup gurus what I plan on wearing so that they can beautify as necessary. I’m thinking of starting with my hair up so that we do the formal, glam poses and then pull it down for the casual shots. Although I am not sure that I trust myself enough to do it seamlessly. I was thinking of a smokey grayish eye so that it will potentially match with everything. I can change up the lip color as necessary to match the looks of the photos. While enjoying my pedicure, I slyly ripped out two photos from an old US Weekly magazine! If my scanner was connected to my laptop, a photo would be posted here.

Back to feet-this, by the way, is the one thing that I hate most in this world. I have an awful anti-foot thing. I digress… I found some flip flops in the dollar section of Target last weekend. It is spring time, so time to throw in all of the spring bridal items and bachelorette party items. Most items were cheesy but they had these super cute flip flops, so I bought two pair.
One for pre-wedding and then the pair that says “Just Married.” And then I got to thinking… I want to have a “flip flop bin” at the wedding where the ladies can grab a pair, kick off their heels and dance/lounge in comfort. Who doesn’t cry barking dogs after hours of dancing? Oddly, Flo isn’t into this idea. My guess would be that he has never crunched his feet into a non conforming pair of ladies heels for more than 1 minute, yet alone four hours. I had an idea of buying out all of the pairs of flip flops from my local Target stores. Well our visit today turned up two pairs. Yes, count them folks, two pairs. Seemed rather pointless to buy them so we left and I now will search the wonderful world of Google, eBay and anywhere else that may sell bulk flops. As I get further into posting inspirational ideas and photos, more of this flip flop bin will be revealed.


Stacey said...

Now THAT is a fabulous and ultra-creative idea for the wedding! I bet the flip-flop bin will be a huge hit with the ladies!

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