.engagement photos: four days away.


Seriously, that is an understatement. For the past week, I’ve been shopping and buying, shopping in stores and shopping on line in search of the perfect outfits for our engagement photos which are on Tuesday. This may not be right and it may not be ok, but I am over-buying with the intent of returning whatever isn’t worn.
When I first brought up photos with our photographer, he had some novelty shot ideas, some things a little but out of the ordinary. Flo and I are game for anything that is unique, original and can capture our true selves via the lens. In thinking about our Save the Date cards, we had some ideas for props and shot ideas. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, we are having our photos taken at the Neon Boneyard and the novelty shots will be captured at Caesars Palace.

We met our photographer for nachos and beer earlier this week and discussed locations, outfit changes, props, etc. I am a little OCD and like to map things out, so I drew a chart with our photo locations, scene ideas and potential looks. There are very few images out there of engagement photos that were taken at the Neon Boneyard. Although we’ve been there before, choosing the proper outfits is daunting. Most of the signs are red, yellow, and blue. I know that black and white aren’t favorable in photos, so I have chosen some purple, some polka dots and stripes for the Neon Boneyard. For the formal shots, I have a few dressy gowns and a few dresses hanging up in my closet waiting to be dusted off.

To say that I’ve put a lot of time and research into this photo session is an understatement. I played “runway” with Flo the other day—putting on the outfits that I have put together. He seems rather pleased with my selections all we need to do it get him his looks. As a reader of this blog, you are probably wondering why on earth am I being so OCD?? Well… I work in retail/fashion and I’ve created an imaginary pressure to make these photos stellar. Maybe the pressure is real and deep down the viewers of my photos will be waiting eagerly to see what we wore. I’m not sure what it is, but its presence is felt like an unwanted neighbor looking over your shoulder.

In searching for Neon Boneyard photos, I’ve found a few where I like the poses…. Don’t be surprised if I post something similar in the near future:
{first three photos by heidi ryder photography}

{photo by jessica claire photography}

Sigh. I can't wait for Tuesday. Supposedly the weather is looking pretty good too... Wait- where did that wind come from??? Yikes.... windy weather in Vegas is no match for anyone.

{photo from Channel 8}


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