.three sixty five.


April 24, 2009

Three hundred and sixty five days. That is how many days remain until our wedding! Up until now, my standard reply to the question of, “How’s the wedding planning coming along?” has been, “Eh…we are still over a year away…” Well, now that is no longer a valid retort. Starting tomorrow, we are under one year to go. While the fire still isn’t under our culi, we are within grasp of the date rolling around. I have been decisively challenged over the past 3 months to make any wedding decisions. Now I feel like I can make decisions and they are relevant and valid. It is time to start scheduling appointments and picking a dress. When people ask use when the wedding date is, I can now reply with, “April 24th.” I don’t have to add the year of “2010” since we will already be past April 24th.

There is no doubt in mind that the next year is going whiz by us just as the last year did. Although I can’t recall what occurred on this date in 2008, I do recall other events around this time where they feel like yesterday or last week.

To the next 365 days, may you bring us joy and not sorrow, allow us to be decisive rather than indecisive and don’t you move at a pace that is more rapid than I am ready. Let’s the countdown officially begin and let the good times roll on in!


Adrienne said...

YAY! Congrats on being under one year to go!! That is so exciting. It's going to fly by!!

FutureFlo said...

Thank you Adrienne!! I know it will fly by...whew!

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