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April 23, 2009

Today marks 366 days until our wedding. On this nite, in one year from now, I anticipate that I will be going to sleep in a hotel room with my five bridesmaids, maybe my mom and Mil. I anticipate that my heart will be a flutter and that we will be a roomful of giggling girlies who are waiting for the boy they are crushing on to finally give her a call. We will be a roomful of reminiscent girls who can share stories about me from the day I was born, a teenager, from my first “real” job to finding the man who will become my husband. All of the Zillaz have known me for several years and have seen me through many stages of life – I can’t wait for this nite to arrive and to spend it with people who I love and cherish and am proud to have in my life.

I anticipate the guy’s nite will be much more different than the girls. They will probably sit in a lounge somewhere, drink beers and talk about all of the trouble they got into as kids, teens and college friends. They will have at least one story per person of how they narrowly escaped death or a prison sentence. They will talk about the things they did and the things that they hope their kids never do.

Falling asleep tonite may be a bit of challenge as all that I can think about right now is what it will feel like in 365 days. Tomorrow, we have “Mystery Date” and our “Minus One” celebration. If you refer back a
few blogs ago, I shared how exciting it is to actually spend your future wedding day together, something that most couples don’t get to do. One of the perks to a longer engagement.

I bid you adieu April 23, 2009 and look forward to waking up, rolling over and planting a smooch on Flo and wishing him a happy anniversary to be…. And I look forward to the blog entitled “365”.


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