The countdown clock slowly begins


Today, I received my first alert that we have “TWELVE MONTHS TO GO”, it was like a bullhorn shouting through my Crackberry. Seriously. This is what it looked like:

Jennifer, your wedding date is: 4/24/2010

While I’m still in procrastination mode, it is slowly becoming more real. The May/June timeframe is incredibly busy for Flo and I—we are becoming an Aunt and Uncle for the first time and I am also a Bridesmaid for the first time!! May 27 is target date for Aunt and Uncle-hood, June 6 is the date for Bridesmaid duties. Since both the mother-to-be and the June bride-to-be are in my wedding, I feel like it is unfair to them if I start bogging anyone down with my wedding details when we are over twelve months out! Right? They have bigger fish to fry right now. Once we get back from that East Coast trip, we are ten months out and are going to hit the ground running.

At that point, I pinky promise to post more photos of my inspirations, ideas, experiences of planning (dress shopping, cake tasting, even trying to get in shape- ugh!). As of now, this blog has been more about my thoughts than planning, but it is better than having each and every detail worked out before I ever even said, “YES!” Right?? I wasn’t a “just-add-groom” type of bride before getting engaged.

In reviewing my “things to write about” list, there are several items that have yet to be posted. Shame on me, but stay tuned… they are coming! Matter of fact, they will be written and posted this week.

--The Entourage, The Players. Who is in our wedding and why??
--Las Vegas Bride: if you haven’t picked up a copy you should or
visit them on line for invaluable wedding planning information
--The Nearlywed Report: What on earth is that, you ask?
Stay tuned folks and I will personally introduce you to this columnist

Being engaged is fun, if I can do it all the time, to the same man, I would be happy!


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