.the entourage.


My Zillaz.

Maid of Honor: Ster, my sister, if it weren’t for her, my name would have been Michelle. I’m so happy that she picked something so unique. Sigh. As with most siblings, we had to grow up in order to realize how much we really do love each other. She picked on me, made fun of me and was always bigger than me. Until now—she has to look up to me. I am delighted that she will be standing next to me and I get to make her girly for just one day. So many things in our lives have changed over the past couple of years- it is hard to visualize us as adults and wives when I still picture us as careless teens at the Laurel Mall.

Friend, A-Zilla. My friend of just about eight years now…. We met while both working at Toys”R”Us, in NJ. I was fairly fresh from residing in Italy and we instantly bonded. A and I spent many years playing each other’s “faux date” when invited anywhere. Now that we are both on the verge of being married, we have real and permanent dates. We have been through so many things together as friends and it is an amazing feeling to see us both with great men and so flippin happy that we can’t stand ourselves. This June I will be a bridesmaid in her wedding (first time ever) and she is graciously returning the favor and being a part of mine for which I could not be happier. One of my favorite memories: Fire Island Weekend. And I was there when she met the man who she married one week ago.

Cousin, Gidget. Obviously have known each other since birth, but became close in 1998 when I spent summers living with her and taking care of her kids. And I still love her enough to have her in my wedding! Hey, I was 19 and taking care of a two-year-old and an eight-year-old. We’ve remained close and I am so happy that she agreed to be a part of the wedding. Gidget is the only Zilla who doesn’t live near a fellow Zilla. She can either consider herself lucky or have an excuse for several out of town trips away from her reality. One of my favorite memories: Buckhead. Atlanta was so much fun and I am thrilled she allowed me into her home and life as a friend.

Friend, K-Zilla. and I met here in Vegas, two or three years ago, and didn’t know the bond we would soon have. When I was diagnosed with Diabetes, she was able to offer help in a way that not many others could. I’m sure that without diabetes we would still be friends, but it certainly sped it up. This is her time being in a wedding. EVER. I drag her to bridal stores, clog up her inbox with dress photos and ideas and she still loves me and still wants to be in the wedding. Consider her warned. She is my truth conscience, when I need to be set straight I go to Bell. One of my favorite memories: My birthday this year, all of the celebrations.

.me with k and m zillaz.

Friend, M-Zilla. M and I met almost three years ago after a mishap in the women’s restroom. Let’s just say that we will be sure to include feminine products in our emergency kit. She has seen through the worst of times and is now seeing me through the best of times. She shares my love of NYC and through that I feel a little bit more connected to her. It was M’s insight into weddings that allowed me to finalize my bridal party. She is brilliant and her family is amazing, I have always looked up to her marriage. One of my favorite memories: Our first date and taking silly photos of ourselves. And cupcakes, lots of them. And nachos.

I am blessed with many, many friends in my life. These five women are rocks in my life and I know that they will be there for me through the whole wedding process and beyond. Our relationships are cemented for life and can’t wait to share in this joy with them.

Flo’s Entourage:

Best Man, S and I met on the basketball courts when we were 14-15 years old. I taught him everything he knows. We shared an unsanitary locker in High School, but we managed to stay friends since. We even went to college together and were temporary roommates, until he had to grow up and graduate. S has always been the "Dad" of the group, who has always taken the moral route through life. He's probably saved my life numerous times in college. He's a friend who I can always count on.... to lend me money--with no interest.

Groomsman, L and I met in intramural softball in college. He and I have stories so crazy; we can't mention them for fear of possible retaliation from our school chancellor. L could crack me up in the direst situations. He has always been a hard worker, and pulled weeklong all nighters in college. Yes, WEEK all nighters. He's always been a good friend, but has never paid for any of my dinners.

Groomsman, R, as we call him has been a friend since college. He roomed with me, L and S, and somehow we managed to not burn our apartment. R has numerous college stories which will end up biting me in the butt someday when he writes a book. But, for now he's busy changing diapers. R was always challenging me to be a better person. He did it by daring me to do some of the craziest stuff, just for his pure enjoyment.

Brother, J, I am told is related to me. But, until the DNA tests come out, I'll call him my older brother. J often picked on me; maybe for fear that I would grow taller. And, I DID! He always managed to give good advice and protected me from school bullies. I think it's because he believed HE could only pick on me. He's my moral compass, and has kept me in line all throughout my life. At least until I met L and R.

Brother, E, or "Generic", is my oldest brother. You can tell because he has less hair than me. He used to often remind me that he remembered when I was NOT born yet. He's one of the smartest and wisest brown guys I know. His intelligence is sometimes unmatched. But, his cooking skills are feeble. E, however has always been there for all my breakups, my challenges and to steal the car away from me on Friday nights in High School.

All joking aside, these 5 are truly MY BEST FRIENDS. We've been through all the trials and tribulations of life, and managed to stay brothers and friends. I am proud and honored to have each of them alongside me at MY wedding. And, they are free to eat the food---No extra charge.


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