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Not all weddings call for a “Save the Date” notice, but if we are going all out, I feel as though our wedding could use one! We had the engagement photos taken, so why not? It is also a destination wedding which requires planning, travel and time to prepare. I enlisted the help of my dear friend Laura to else with the design element. While the finished product is to remain a secret until you either receive one in the mail or you don’t…. here is a sneak preview:

Our task for the next few weeks is to tackle our guest list, start trimming if necessary and then decide who gets a Save the Date- it is not that we want to keep people out of the loop…but more for budgetary purposes. Have you seen the price of stamps lately!?!? The date will travel via word of mouth to most of our close friends, but to family- you can guarantee a notice in the mail. Half of the guest has never met Flo nor myself, but at least now they can see what we look like.
Here are some to-do and not to-do rules for Save The Dates, found here:

1. You're planning to invite a lot of guests from out of town. If you have friends and loved ones spread out across the country or even the world, a save the date card gives them extra time to make travel arrangements. By sending out save the date announcements 6 - 12 months before the wedding, those far away guests will have the opportunity to book flights and hotels at a better rate.

2. You're having a destination wedding. If you've decided on a destination wedding and are hoping your invited guests will be able to come along, it's a good idea to give them as much time as possible to plan. Sending save the date cards will give them the chance to schedule vacation time and make travel arrangements.

3. You've set your wedding date around the holidays or typical peak summer vacation time. Let people know your wedding date before they make vacation plans, and you have a better chance they will attend.

4. You're seriously hoping that most of the people you invite to your wedding will attend. People have increasingly busy lives and are always making plans. Since your actual wedding invitation will only go out 6 - 12 weeks before the big day, your potential guests may have already made plans by the time they receive it.

5. You're just so excited that you've set the date that you can't keep the news to yourself. Save the date cards can double as engagement announcements, letting people know that you're engaged and have set the date for your wedding.

6. You want to show off your fiance' to all your friends and relatives who have never met him/her. You can send photo save the date cards and everyone can see the love and happiness on your faces. In fact, the latest trend in photo cards is to include multiple photos on your save the dates, so you don't have to settle on just one picture.

7. They're fun! There are no rules and no etiquette, so your save the date cards can be unique and imaginative. They can reflect your personalities, hobbies, time of year you plan to get married, wedding destination, bold colors or just about anything you like. There are scratch-off save the date cards and save the date magnets. It's your chance to grab everyone's attention.


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