.slumber, interrupted.


Why is that I am having wedding dreams and it isn’t even my wedding?! That is not a good sign for the future. With my friend’s wedding next weekend, the excitement must be getting to me? Last nite, I dreamt that all of our families were in one house prior to the wedding and the bridal party was getting ready in a downstairs/basement room. For some reason, I elected to be the social butterfly and mingle with the families until about 1:15 in the afternoon. The wedding is at 2:30 and there was no time for me to get my hair and makeup done! WHAT?!? The only positive thing I could say was, “Will I get my deposit back??” Wow, the important things in life. Luckily for me, I applied a little bit of makeup in the morning but styled my own hair for the wedding.
Instead of looking all pretty, like this:

I looked all bi-polar like this:

I quoted my friend, X, who gave this hair the "bipolar" moniker.

The next week ought to be interesting if these dreams keep interrupting my slumber. I have to catch a plane tomorrow nite—what are the chances of waking up my neighbor with my panic?


Angela said...

Im sorry to say that, for me at least, the wedding nightmares probably aren't going anywhere. Ive been married for 29 days and STILL GET THEM. wtf?

And come on... how can you hate on Kate's reverse mullet? haha

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