.foodie, part 1.


One of our first “official” vendor meetings occurred yesterday. Catering. F&B. The Grub. We’ve selected a vendor who caters most of my work events. I know their style, their quality and service! It is comforting to work with a vendor who you know will not rake you over hot coals, leaving you with financial scars for the remainder of your happily ever after.

Flo and I are staying away from tradition and going with a “cocktail style” reception. My main concern is making sure that people don’t walk away hungry and dissatisfied. The secondary concern is that guests don’t get over stuffed on the first canapé that they see, thinking it is all they get. No menus have been decided; we tossed around a few themes, ideas to introduce the food by the hour (sounds racy) and how to cap off the evening with something memorable and delicious. I await her price quote and ideas.

Something to ponder-which I hope can fit into our budget- is wine pairings stations. If you are a new follower, you may not have read my post about favors. My dad makes wine and will be making wine as our favors. Soirees idea is to select and pair wines to compliment each canapés station. LOVE IT! Brilliant. So edgy and event forward. We can serve wine is 2 oz pours to perfectly compliment the food, sounds fabu to me. Sounds elegant, classy, interactive, fun, intriguing, etc., etc. Let’s hope that it fits into the budget.

Next foodie post will determine how well my foodie dream fits into my reality budget. Until we meet again....something to tempt your eyes:

{the first two photos are courtesty of Project Wedding, I apologize for not having proper credit}

{this photo is from the fabulous blog With This Ring, I Thee Obsess}


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