.dress maybe not so a mess.


If today got any worse, I’m not sure what would be happening right now. It was just one of “those” days. The last wrong occurrence?? I lost my medicine bag. As a diabetic, having your medicine bag near you at all times is as important as turning off the iron, shutting off the stove and locking the door. It is habit. It is a necessity. If I am low, there are glucose tabs. If I am high, there is symlin. And when all else fails, there is a meter and poker to tell me where I fall. Would I rather leave my cell phone or medicine at home? Tough call, but I would rather say buh-bye to the cell phone. So my medicine bag is missing and I am hoping it is not at the gym, where I went to blow off some steam today. Fabulous workout but being alone with my thoughts for 30 minutes was less than beneficial.

Coming home meant at least one good thing- Flo would be there and he always makes me smile and laugh. He lets me cry, even if I am in the wrong and being a bitch. He listens to me whether he agrees with my stance or not. He lends an ear and a shoulder in a way that no one else can. I’m not for certain that he listens intently to my vents, but either way, it always makes me feel better to be in his company.

Today, there was a bonus moment of happy, happy joy, joy. I received my fabric samples from NY Fashion Center! YAY! In my hunt for THE DRESS, I ordered some fabric samples in color and texture that I’ve been desiring. And they arrived today. Two dress samples: same fabric, different colors. I showed the colors to Flo, he pointed to one, I pointed to the other. Nice. Hooray for the Groom-to-be having ZERO say in the Bride-to-be's dress. Whew!
And three samples of the wedding colors:
I’ve still been going back and forth between colors and uncertain if what we picked it what can work. Today, my vision was solidified. Flo and I absolutely love our color palette. Going back to how he makes my day… he actually cares about the fabrics and colors that arrive in our mail box. He doesn’t just agree with me to shut me up and appease me. He actually has an opinion. And I just fell in love with him a little bit more, just now.

What will I do with my samples? Well, touch them and love the fabric, for one. Then, I plan on taking them to every fabric store that I can visit and see if this particular fabric varies from store to store. I also plan on ordering more samples! Maybe….just maybe after the wedding, I will have enough samples to make a snazzy scarf?? Hmmmm….. and the conundrum begins.


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