.bridal body in the making.


It is neither a secret nor a wonder that I've been feeling rather blah since trying on the dress. The dress trying on comes with some funny outtakes too, which need to be posted. Anyway, to kick start the bridal body into motion, we started Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet. Yesterday was Day #1.

Three summers ago, I did this "diet" with great success, but it was HARD, and still is. Matter of fact, I am already dying for a glass of wine. I won't try to educate you here about the diet, you can read up on it. It actually is a little variance from the way that, as a diabetic, I should be eating.

In order to not be wasteful, I took my Omnipod off and went back to good ol' insulin pens. Yesterday, I took about 4 unites of insulin, compared to my normal of 15-20. My concern with that is going back on the pod, if it will just put weight on again.

Being a diabetic bride is not good times!! I was really digging my cute little bod that I had in January when I ran through the snow in tube socks and a bikini in Big Bear. No, no photos of that will be posted, but thanks for asking.

So onto day #2 we go! We both finished day #1 with flying colors.... let's see how the next 13 go!

Our goal is to turn this into a lifestyle change. Will there still be nites when we have smores for dessert? Yes. Nachos for dinner? Of course, it IS football season. Are there nites where I will have three glasses of wine instead of one? Yes- have you seen my life?! I need it.

I will update you after five days on how many pounds we've dropped. So stay tuned for that post to come Tuesday AM.

Be healthy.


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