.here comes the dress.


HOLY CRAPPPP!!! I just got the call that my dress is in! Final payment is due and pick up is available. Here is the sucky part- the dress is in NJ. Ster has to go and pick it up for me, pay for it and ship it to me. Lucky for me, she is still on maternity leave so she has time to go and get it. Let’s hope that she can go Tuesday, ship it and by this time next week, I should have my dress?

Now it is time to accessorize that beauty. I needed to see the dress again before buying anything because it needs to not conflict with the dress. Stay tuned and watch me accessorize. And wrap up the great shoe debate!

You will not see ANY pics of my dress until after the wedding, but I will show you what didn’t make the cut.

**Vera Wang**

**Elizabeth Fillmore**

**Kenneth Poole**


anna and the ring said...

Ooo, if these are the losers I cannot wait until we see the final choice!

The vera is delicious!

Katie said...

Oh man, that Vera dress is so freaking beautiful...can't wait to see what you actually got!

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