.i tried on my dress.


Once the dress finally arrived, late Friday afternoon, I couldn’t wait to open the box. Luckily, I only had to wait one more hour at work and then the drive home. My goal was to hit the gym first, then go home and look at the dress, put it in the car and wait until I go to the dress store the next day to try it on. That lasted as long as my car ride home!

There was a traffic backup on the freeway, so I took my normal route home instead of going right to the gym. Yea, I know… as I am freaking out about the dress NOT fitting, I should have gone right to the gym and not passed go. I know. Wait- before even getting into my car, I opened the box to glance at the dress. It looked white. Stark white. Panic #1. I texted Ster and said “I don’t remember it being this white”. She texted back with “It’s not white”. Love Ster, she is always so to the point.

Ok, so I get home and try the dress on immediately. It was snug, that is not a lie. Here is the back story:

The same size was a 4. Yes, I know…cry a river because I fit into a 4. I ordered a 6 because it is what I normally wear and every bride, 10 months before their wedding, swears they will lose weight. Me—well I am diabetic and it can go either way. In this instance, I didn’t take into account that they would put me on more insulin and that any more weight gain would happen. So between ordering the dress and receiving the dress, I am up about 8 lbs. Not the end of the world, but to a bride it pretty much is! Especially when the dress had very little room when ordering it.

Back to slipping it on. It was snug, but I know that there are still seven months until the wedding. The dress needs minimal alterations so we are good to go there. I try it on, in my unflattering full length mirror and take an iPhone picture. Excitedly, I send this picture to my sister and my parents.

I stare at myself thinking about being a bride, walking down the aisle in this dress, etc. and then realize, it is time to hit the gym. While there, my phone rings, it shows that “Home” is calling. In my head, I knew that they were calling to comment on my dress. My mother had seen my dress the weekend before while it was still at my sister’s house, so in my head, I knew that she was calling to say how fabu the dress looked. Was I right?

ME: Hello?
MOM: ……….. don’t you think that it is a little tight?”
ME: [enter sound of heart breaking and being crushed] Well yea, I gained some weight. I gotta go, I am at the gym. Bye.”

To say that this broke my heart a little is a true statement. I was crushed. My parents, et al know that I am very aware of my weight gain (yes, all 8 lbs of it) and that fitting into my dress was a concern of mine. So was this what I wanted to hear? No. She was “just being honest” because she IS my mother. I get it. But not what I needed. Is my vision of my dress mildly tarnished now? Slightly. But I don’t have the budget for a new dress so this will have to do. Anyone wish to join me at the gym?


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