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YAY! Hooray! My first blog award…. It is an honor to just be nom, er… I mean just to have a reader! Just kidding, my following is growing and I am thrilled to give you some entertainment! Moving along…

The dearest, sweet, adorable, fun, knowledgeable and all around great girl Ashley tagged me as a Kreativ Blogger! Yippeee!!! So now you have to endure 7-10 things about me and then, I pass the Kreativ torch onto other bloggers! I "know" Ashley though our coveted wedding forum site and am honored that she reads my blog and then gave me a Kreativ Blogger Award! So thank you, Ashley, for this honor:

1. Ok, I will get this out in the open because if I don’t, then my sister just may do it for me. I watched Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood up until I was about 9 years old. It was fun- who wouldn’t want to visit The Land of Make Believe? Won’t you be my neighbor??

2. I love even numbers. My favorite number is 22 because not only is 2 and even number, but 22 is two #2’s.

3. I’ve been told- from a tarot card reader- that I have a little bit of psychic ability. And I believe her. When my last boyfriend and I broke up, during one of our heated “I can do better than you” arguments, he said, “You are probably going to run off and find some suit and tie wearing guy.” To which I replied, “Yea, and I’ll probably meet him at the dog park.” And I did- both. Everything happens for a reason. So thank you for putting that out into the Universe for me.

4. I love sports. I love the Steelers. And the Yankees. There are other teams I follow as a here and there fan, but if it is live sports, count me in to spectate. However, I have ZERO athletic ability. None. The adage, “You blank like a girl”, that is me. I run, throw, kick, etc. like a girl.

5. I HATE feet. HATE. THEM. Hate looking at them, anything. My feet are quite ugly so it has to stem from that. If you run after me and try to touch me with your feet, I scream and probably cry if you succeed.

6. I am petrified of the dark. There always had to be a light on in the house. If I am going to bed, I have to go and turn on the bedroom light, then come back into the hallway and turn off that light. It started when I was in Italy and went to the beach, it was dark. The ocean scares me because it is so vast and full of deadly creatures.

7. I been both a T2 and a T1 diabetic already in my life. How? Well, I was diagnosed with diabetes at age 29. My idiot endo- who I’d love to share the name with you and if anyone reco’s her to you, RUN FAR AWAY- looked at my and said, “No you are a T2.” She did that by looking at my 29 year old body, all 5 ft., 7 inches and 138 lbs of me. Turns out, the only way you can tell is by an antibody test, which I failed. I am a T1…or 1.5 (Latent Autoimmune/Adult Onset). So now, I am kept alive by a piece of plastic called an Omnipod. So when you have a hang nail or a bad day, just remember, I am kept alive by a piece of plastic.

Here are the procedures connected with the Kreativ Blogger Award:

1. Copy the award to your site.

2. Link to the person from whom you received the award.

3. Nominate 7 other bloggers.

4. Link to those sites on your blog.

5. Leave a message on the blogs you nominate.- I may just send them an email!

My nominees for this Kreativ Blogger Award go to:

1. Jenny. We've never met but I consider her a friend- she is humorous, always gives great advice and is a great supporter. She generously donated to the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes! Read her blog here.

2. Kelly. My friend and Zilla. When it comes to friends, everyone needs a Kelly. She is the slap that you need when you really want to be hugged. She is the truth when you want to look in the mirror and lie. But when you want to cry, she will have a tissue and bottle of Merlot ready and waiting. Read her blog here

3. Sarah. My friend and fellow bride, She is hilarious and keeps me entertained via email and Twitter all day long. Read her blog here.

4. Kari. The Crazy Baykah. There is nothing crazy about her, but her energy is contagious. And her cupcakes....even better. Words like addictive and can't have just one come to mind. Read about the good, the bad, the ugly and sweet of being a crazy baykah.

5. TweetMyWedding. This is both an award and a shameless plug. TMW was one of the first places to accept my application as a blogger. What is TweetMyWedding? Well just head on over there and find out. You will be glad that you did.

6. BrideOnBudget. Two words that typically don't fit harmoniously into one sentence. but somehow, Ashley makes it work!! BrideOnBudget is having a fabu wedding without breaking her bank- and she shows you how every step of the way!

7. Becca. Another fellow bride who is also getting married in Vegas. I've been trying my best to help her out and am pretty sure that I am responsible for her bakery selection. Who is it? See above, #4.


Kelly said...

Spanx, woman! Lurve, lurve, lurvity, lurve! Slap! xox

Becca said...

yes you certainly did help me find a bakery... and numerous other things, cuz you ROCK! i, too, am terrified of the dark and jump at every noise. it certainly doesn't help that our house back up to the woods filled with creepy crawlies and all sorts of animals.

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