.results of my procrastination.


If I followed my checklists from various sites like Project Wedding, Wedding Wire, or The Knot, I would have completed this one task back in June. It is now October. What task is this? Finding an Officiant. Tisk-task.

I just figured that everyone would happen to be available on our wedding day at our wedding time. In April. On a Saturday. We attempted to make an appointment with one lovely option and she was booked. Yes, a "she". Her ceremony seemed fabu and her voice was soothing and calming. I could tell that the "she" part sent Mil into a tither but regardless, we are unable to book this lady.

My friend's father is a Rabbi with a great ceremony. No, I am not Jewish. Flo and I are both Catholic with weekly church going parents. I knew deep down that Flo really wanted a Catholic influenced ceremony. Me? Well I could take it or leave it. I want my ceremony outside and that is more important than having it be Catholic. More of my time is spent outside than in church. Or judjah as Ster and I would call it. ::Hi, Ster::

Anywho, Rabbi Craig reached out to several of his colleagues once he heard that we were both Catholic. As luck would have it, today, after I nearly had another- yes, another- breakdown he gave us the contact information of a former Priest who left the Priesthood for marriage. Wow- being married must be something fabu.

Our first appt with him is November 7th. Our initial convos were great and we are quite happy with this connection. Flo finally admitted that he wanted Catholicism to be a part of the ceremony to appease our parents. I can tell you that while, yes, this will make my parents happy, they never would have made mention of it being a non denominational ceremony performed by a Rabbi. This is one of those subjects that was more important to Flo and his family than to me and mine and is why I searched high and low to find something to closely resemble a religious ceremony! :) I knew that it was important to Flo without him having to say anything. Maybe my wifey sixth sense is already kicking in?!?


Stacy Marie said...

I think your wifey sixth sense is kicking in! A married ex-priest sounds like a really great compromise, I hope he works out!

Carla said...

I think this sounds like a really great compromise, I hope your nov 7 meeting goes as well as it sounds!

NuFlaiir said...

Hope everything goes well on Nov 07. Don't forget to share. ;-)


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