.welcoming the OOT guests.


When you have an abundance of out of town (OOT) guests, a wonderful and thoughtful way to welcome them is to leave OOT bags/gifts in their hotel rooms. Yes, this can get costly, depending on your number of guests, or you can wholesale shop and keep it affordable. Just what do you include in these baskets? They can be as easy or as elaborate as you wish!

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Some suggestions:
Something seasonal: Getting married in the fall? How about some apples or pumpkin seeds for snacks?

Winter: some candy canes or dessert snowballs.
Something satisfying: Bottles of water are always appreciated, so that your guests can avoid the mini bar temptation.
Something local: Vegas poker chips, a pair of dice or something to save your guests the aggravation of souvenir hunting! Coupons, entertainment guides, etc.

Something for anytime: popcorn balls, check mix, boxes of gum, candy and mints.

You can easily spend several minutes buying items at your local warehouse club and separating the items into smaller snack bags or you can go all out and buy individual snacks already packaged. You can spend hours driving around buying local maps and trip guides or you can pull information from the web and DIY your own. I recently came across something that would be a perfect additive to any OOT basket, especially if you are providing maps & local treats:

A radio station guide.

If your guests will be renting cars, nothing can be more frustrating than static all over the radio or hitting every station on their commercial break. Ok, maybe being lost is worse than not having great music?? After receiving the car from the valet during our recent “staycation” at the Lake Las Vegas Ritz, I noticed that there was one left in the car and it provided me with the inspiration that I needed to DIY my own.

Obviously, we are not from out of town, but had we been, this is quite a nice touch from the hotel. Lake Las Vegas is about 20 miles from the heart of Vegas itself, so it makes sense to include this in each car.

If your guests are driving from your ceremony to your reception or even to any sightseeing ventures on their own, not only will they appreciate your OOT welcome gift, but also the tunes you will help them to find.


Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

I love the radio station guide! I will definitely include that in my own OOT boxes. I will be blogging about them in a few months when we are a bit closer to the 'date.' Thanks for the small detail!

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