A few words from two of the Zillaz


Once I had confirmed the members of The Dream Team, I told the other two bloggers to feel free to write on their respective blogs or to be a guest blogger on my blog. They are both fantastically funny and wonderful writers. I told you that I had The Dream Team. Anyway, they both posted their blogs and I am floored, again, by my emotions in reading what they had written.

Everyday when I wake up next to Flo, I realize and feel how lucky and blessed my life truly is. When I hear from my friends, cousin and sister, whether it is a text, email, facebook message or letter, I realize how lucky and blessed my life is. After reading their blogs, I wonder what I did to deserve such wonderful people in my life!! On with the blog...

Just to give you insight: One of my Bridesmaids says that she will be a Bridesmaidzilla and if anyone trys to not make this wedding how we/I want it, she is going to go zilla on them. So the bridesmaids are my Zillaz. For life. It provides humor. Trust me, though... we aren't Zillaz....

Visit here to read her blog about my asking her to be in the wedding.
Here is a photo of her reading her card.

For the blog of my other Zillaz, please click here and be sure to the blog entitled "Bridal Wave".
Here is a picture of her opening her card:


Mercedes said...

The Zillaz got yo back. xoxoxo

Adrienne said...

Haha...I love how you calls yourselves zillas. That is so cute!! I am sure they will be there for you for all of your planning.

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