The Dream Team


This is just too exciting to NOT blog right now, because I may soon forget what this feeling feels like and I don’t want to not capture it. My Dream Team has officially been assembled, as of yesterday. I call them a Dream Team because that is what they are, to me. A formal intro to the Dream Teams (this includes Flo’s) will follow…but it includes family and friends, near and far, new and old. It was challenging because I had to remind myself that the wedding is about Me and Flo. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about who is asked or what they think if they aren’t asked. There were some times I wanted to ask people I have known longer or may see more often, but I received some great advice—Ask those who are responsible, who will be there for you and have your best interest at heart. With that advice, I quickly assembled my bridesmaid asking gifts (bribery, as I called it) and wrote out their cards with messages from the heart. Everyone in my party has seen me through many stages of my life and it gives me great joy to know that it continues into my marriage. The person who gave that advice, well, she was asked to be in my party.

Now that the party is complete, it is a huge sigh of relief and I really do, for some reason, feel complete. It’s uncanny, I wasn’t expecting to feel this way. What I also wasn’t expecting was the feelings I got before, during and after the asking. Nerves took over before each asking…even with my sister! Then while they were reading their cards, it was nerves/excitement/anticipation! Are they going to say yes?? Then seeing them smile, cry, laugh and sigh was the monogram on top of the cake! It was awesome, even today, I am still flying high.

I have pictures of everyone opening their gifts, except one, who I was not able to ask in person. It was really meaningful to me to be able to ask in person, which is why it took so long for me to reach everyone. But the gifts are given, the responses are yes and we now can let the fun and games begin!!!

A previous post showed you my thought process on the gifts- allow me to introduce you to the gifts:

They were custom made at Sugar&Spice Signature Cards and Gifts Dallisa, who is truly amazing, put together a decorative box with our initials on them, inside was a retro/pin up looking mug with one of three sayings on them, a variety pack of her handmade signature cards, a ring pop, Hershey’s kisses and a candle from the S&S line of gifts.

Bribery, as I called it, for the girls. My bridesmaidzillaz. It's only cool if we use a "z" at the end.

So to S, F, A, K, M this is gonna be one heckuva party! Thank you.


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