Pretties, Vol II


Welcome to this week’s edition of “Pretties”! I wish that there were product sponsors to send me products to sample… ahem….wishful thinking!!

Today, I move onto hair where there are two products I’d love to review today:
1. Frederic Fakkai Glossing Serum
2. Enjoy Hair Mask

{product number one}

I was first introduced to this heavenly crème by my friend,, Seph (as I call her for short) sent this to me and I tried it out. Wow! The packaging is correct; a “pea sized” dollop is all you need. I apply to damp hair before drying and sometimes a tiny bit after drying. Surely, if you had the glossing spritz it would work perfect right here. This product keeps my hair soft and fairly shiny considering the water we use out here. I had forgotten how awful washing with Vegas water is, until I went back to PA a few weeks ago. My hair was super soft and super shiny, even more so thanks for Mr. Fekkai. You can find this product in more beauty supply shops (Ulta, Sephora) and a few mall stores (Nordstrom, Bath & Body Works). Well worth the $20 that you will pay for a tube of it, but I see this tube lasting me at least a year—remember, no need to wash your hair EVERY day.

{product number two}

This product was introduced to me by one of the models at work. He, yes, HE, is a hairdresser-cum-Chippendale-cum- runway model and told me about the Enjoy Hair Mask.

Quite pricey…. Flo picked it up at his hair place for $24.95 for an 8 oz tube. Directions say leave on 2-5 minutes. I was instructed to leave on for 30 minutes under a shower cap. I can NOT wait to try this. The product has given me amazing results after leaving it on in the shower long enough to wash my body and shave my legs. This will undoubtedly make me happy. Combine with product number one and I anticipate soft, shiny hair that will make it through the work week on one washing….. Have not tried any other products out of this line but would like to.


Jenny Georgio-who said...

The hair mask sounds amazing. I must give it a try although you've got to be doing something right already because your hair just looks so amazingly fab!

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