Picture It: Vegas. 2009.


Remember how Sophia Petrillo would always say, “Picture it. Sicily. 1963…” and then launch into some odd ball of a Sicilian story?? Well, my friends, picture Vegas 2009. Engagement photos. They are coming. Picture it: April 28. Imagine Photo Studios. Shot on various sites.

Flo and I are finally having engagement photos taken. I say finally as if we have been engaged for ions… We are ready to get Save The Date cards together and send them off. Our current guest list is out of control, so we can not possible send STDs to everyone. Does that not look hilarious? We are sending STDs? You know that it means Save The Date, right? Of course you do. Moving on…

I have two great ideas for out STDs. However, I would like to combine them both. We will be doing non-traditional engagement photos (go figure) at the Neon Boneyard and some creative surprise shots. Stay tuned for the posts…I, myself, am still not certain what will be produced by am completely stoked for the photo shoot. Here are my ideas.

{photos found here without photo credit}

Thoughts? I like the 3-shot…we can make posters that say Save The Date with our info and then put a little story. I like the idea of the “story” because most of the people receiving the STD haven’t met either Tedd or myself…We will also put our wedding website on there and maybe my blog if I can get away with being even vainer. More vain??

In preparations for the STD shots… I have a hair appt, a make up appt, a dermatologist appt. Yes. Me. Dermatologist. Stop it. If I were smart, there would be several gym appointments in there also.

My advice for engagement photos will come after our shots. I am not putting a whole bunch of hefty thought into the pictures. That is where the professionals come in. Imagine Studios is super creative and Flo and I are more than confident that these photos are going to be amazing.

Then I need to get Super-Design-Woman on board to help create the STDs.... she will read this and pass along her thoughts. Don't let this sway you, Suburban Sock Folder, but Flo and I really lurve these designs. What were you thinking? They may not be matchy-matchy with the invites, but who are we fooling?? No one will save these date cards yet alone remember what the STD look like. With my luck, they will take it to their family doctor and ask for penicillin.


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