.bridal beauty in the making, part dos.


This trip for the MOB and FOB has been quite productive. Since they booked their tix, I wanted MOB to have her hair turned fabu by my stylist, Andeen, and she obliged. MOB is a girlie girl like me, but she doesn't get to come out to play too often. So we took our before pic....and went to get our hairs did.

Andeen is the most talented hair guru I've ever met and what I enjoy the most is that she will take the time to ask what you normally do with your hair, how you normally style it and then create something new that will not conflict with your lifestyle or willingness to be high maintenance. She also takes the time to teach you how to curl, style, dry, whatever your hair. Everything that I've ever learned about cute hair was taught to me by Andeen. If you need a stylist here locally, she is who I recommend, hands down. Hair tools, will travel.

What she created for MOB was amazing.... And here is our "after" photo, before GNO (Girls Nite Out)

I also thought that it would be nice to start looking at shoes for MOB's dress. I should have known that the first pair she tries on would be the winner, just like her fabu dress. I will show pics of the shoes....but not the dress. Is it just me or are MOB dresses soooo matronly these days?? Anyway, I delivered several boxes of silvery shoes to MOB and she gracefully tried them on. Like with the dress, I will give my opinion but the decision truly comes down to what makes MOB feel the most glamorous and most comfortable. It will be a long day in a dress that constricts breathing and makes you squirm.
So I leave you with this..... some fabu shoes.... that quite possibly after the wedding will be a new, something old just for me!


My Dream Ring said...

You looked beautiful before the GNO make-over but the make-over just added a little spice, the make up looked great!

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