.couture, mi amor.


Here is another I’ll admit moment. I want shoes. Not just shoes. Fabu, expensive shoes. Why? I don’t know- I’m not a super-flashy type of girl. But since I got such a fabu deal on my dress, I want some killer shoes. Yes, I know what you are thinking “Shut up about the damn shoes and just buy some”. I am. Eventually. You know how when you are in the hunt to find something, you can never find it? That is me.

In search of: D’Orsay style peep toe pumps, most likely a dyeable material. I will then need to find a jewel for the front if it doesn’t already come with one.
I drool over these:

.christian louboutin, d'orsay peep toes.
And I added these to my cart at least 6 times.....but never bought them.

.brian atwood vita d'orsay peep toes.

The good news? I can barely squeeze the front of my foot into Louboutin’s. Yay! Just saved myself at least $500.

Shoe fairly, won’t you please sprinkle some shoe buying fairy dust onto me?? PLEASE!
So this is my new plan of attack- I live in Las Vegas. There are tons of high end shops, I need to get my butt into one of these shops and try on some shoes. And while you are at it, shoe fairy—can you help me find a clutch and some other accessories? Thanks.


Susan said...

Hi! What size do you wear? There are some really nice (and less expensive!) designer shoes on BravoBride.

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...

love them both!!

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