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One of the things I’ve always looked forward to in wedding planning was starting (and now finally finishing) the registry. In my vision, we’d pick our stores, sign up and then spend an hour or so scanning the items we’d like. Boooop—boooop—boooop and done. The reality could not be further from the dream. Sheesh.

Our registry is set up currently with two stores. We spent one hour in one store and I was done. I mean stick-a-fork –in-me kind of done. It was exhausting. I’m not much of a shopper- yeah, I know difficult to believe, but I am not a leisurely shopper. I get what I need and then bounce. This was exhausting! Whew… So needless to say, I haven’t stepped foot back in the store, all of the work was done line, with the exception of linens and towels. Some things are best left to be experienced before scanning.

Flo has been a trooper. He scanned, he compared brands and colors and crapped out at the same time I did. At least we are in the same pod when it comes to attention spans.

Moving along…I intend to finalize the remainder of items within the next week while MOB is visiting.

The registry is no task to tackle on one’s own. I enlisted the help of my sister, who could take down Martha Stewart any day, and A-Zilla, who can give Silvia Weinstock a run for her sugar flowers any day. Each of them are rock stars in the cooking and baking fields, respectively. They were sent my password and give carte blanche to have their way with our registry. So what does S-Zilla do? Tell me that I have too many vases and not enough sheets and towels. Ey-yi-yi. Regardless, I am much appreciative of their assistance, recommendations and assistance with this daunting task.

Today, MOB and I are talking about her vacay to Vegas (vacay starts tomorrow! Whoot Whoot) and she had received a phone call from a relative stating that they had received our STD! YAY!

Sidebar: The STDs are being received and six days after sending them, we did not receive any “return to senders” back! Sweet! And we are getting nice feedback on them. Double yay! That deserves a Chardonn-yay!

Resuming: Well the relative said that she had gone to the website- no it is unknown if this is our wedding website? Or our registry sites? And the comment was “The stuff on there is so expensive.” Ey-yi-yi. Yea, I did register for a Dyson vac. And all-clad cookware. And a wine fridge. But I also registered for a kitchen timer, a garlic press, a pancake turner and wine charms.

This goes back to my thoughts on how the worst of people come out to play in the best of times. The comment wasn’t, “MOB, we got the STD and it is very creative, very nice, they look great, etc. Too bad I can’t make it to Vegas.”

Ok- this may sound ungrateful, bridezilla-y, etc. But my comment back to MOB was, “They don’t need to get us anything. If they want to get a gift and the registry is overpriced, that is fine. Don’t get anything.” The reason nearlyweds do take the time to set up a registry is for the showers and for friends and relatives who wish to get the couple a gift. This way, they are getting exactly what they wanted, the colors, the brands, etc. It is actually a helpful tool for those who are feeling generous at gift giving time.

I have advice on making the registry process less daunting… but it is late and I am tired. So in the meantime, I will leave you with two photos of the excitement that was registering in store.


Jenny Georgio-who said...

UGH! You know my parents got the same comments about my registry and I actually LAUGHED. All heavy appliances were purchased by my hubby and myself, my parents bought me a central vaccuum (sp?), and my mother had been stalking up on towels and sheets for as long as I could remember. I think the most expensive thing on my registry was a garbage can that had a sensor on it so you don't have to touch it....

Anyway I told my parents if people didn't want to shop from my registry then they either didn't have to get me anything or buy me something that isn't on my registry. I tend to think of the registry as a guideline for what I like, my style, and the colours I like (okay okay...stuff WE like...although George had NOTHING to do with our registry.)

If people don't want to buy from the registry or find it too expensive they don't have to get anything at all or maybe get you a gift card or money. Whatever. Don't let them get you down. Thats why we have registries, so someone can complain about something!!

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