.diy or die, vol. 2.


The wedding map. Where it all begins. Since I’ve fallen in love with the loads of amazing wedding blogs out there, I decided that I did want some of the projects to be DIY. This coming from a person who has no craftiness, no designing skills, nothing. I’ve searched high and low through blogs, websites and magazines for DIY advice and help. Narrowing down what I won’t do was easy- I won’t Gocco anything, wont attempt to print my own invites, make my own centerpieces or bouquets, but here is what I will try:

Bathroom Baskets- come on. How difficult is it to grab some (ok, probably an over abundance) toiletries and toss them (neatly) into a basket (decorated, of course) and slap it (arranged and centered) on the bathroom counter? I mean really, some mouthwash (probably in a pump along with some disposable cups), a few tic tacs (in all varietals) and call it a day! Ok…who are we kidding? I am a queen of over packing, so you know that these baskets will probably be the first thing someone wants to take home. Screw the centerpieces, let’s grab the free tampons!

DIY Map- This is somewhat of an idiot project for me but something I felt that can be accomplished. Here is why: any locals who are coming will most likely know where the venues are. If not, they have phones and Google maps. Any OOT guests, we are providing transportation from point “I DO” to point “Let’s PARTY”. So really, who needs this map? No one, I just think that it will be a fun project for me!
his is how the map currently looks. As I finish it, I will save step-by-step directions. In the meantime, you can search all over the web for ideas on how to put your own together. It seems daunting, at first, but if I can do it...anyone can!

Flip Flop Basket- I hate feet. I would probably rather eat a mustard and cilantro sandwich than touch or even look at feet. So to see tired and bare feet at the wedding is going to. Drive. Me. Nuts. I will have flip flops for the ladies who wish to slip on something a lil more comfortable. My DIY here is going to be buying the flops, putting them into some sort of container (beverage tub?) with a cute little sign about using them… and I’ve been inspired by other brides to put a tag or some thing to announce the size of the flop!

.photos courtesy of project wedding, summerbride2009.
Candy buffet- YES! Let them eat candy! Let the diabetic have a candy buffet! Haha. Enough said. As I lay this out and begin to purchase the sweet treats, more "along the way" photos will be posted.

One thing that I’ve learned is that every wedding may have the same ideas and the same cute things- a photo booth, a candy buffet, a flip flop bin. The great thing is that you can see a photo of others displays projects and ideas. Think that buffets and flippy floppies are too played out? Like Paris Hilton and her Chihuahua?? Think again savvy bride- most likely your wedding is still unique to your guests. Yes, who cares that you were in a wedding last month and they had a photo booth also…. Was your grandma at that wedding? What about Aunt Helen? To them, it is fresh, new and unique. So DIY away, sisters!


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