.to do this weekend.


With my parents in town for the next eight days, I want to get wedding stuff done. The problem with that? I don’t know what to do! Seriously.
We finally set our venue walk-through appt. I could think of so many things that are more pleasant than trying to get an appt there, but I think that we now have an understanding. That takes place on Tuesday.

Tonite, we may pop in and see how the ceremony venue is coming along. Supposedly at Caesars, they are constructing a new garden….if not I’m more than happy with the “old” garden.

Tomorrow, MOB and I are getting our hairs did. Mine is just the maintenance trim. It’s been bothering me to not have fun, perky hair style for the next few months, but now that I have a dress…. The need to grow my hair super-crazy long isn’t such a must-have. MOB needs some updating to her hair and my hair stylist, Andeen, is so perfect. Plus, we can talk hair and hair pieces! YAY!

While they are in town, here is our tackle list:
-Update registry with mom- but the “hands-on” things like bedding and towels
-Decide on size of bottles for the favors
-Look through my binder and show MOB what’s been inspiring me
-Go to see both venues
-Hopefully hit Megabux
-Show FOB the tie that I’d like him to wear

That sounds like a pretty active list… in between, we will hope to hit Megabux.


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