I can’t wait to stop being a bride and just be a wife. Although wedding planning isnt’ new to me and being a bride isn’t a brand new concept, this wedding “stuff” is overwhelming at times. Not because I am high maintenance or because I am indecisive. But when you work, have a life, write for a magazine and four blogs, oh and have to manage an illness, it gets to be all consuming.

Right now, when I look at my work schedule, my life schedule and my wedding calendar, I am so overwhelmed that I just want to curl up and elope. There are times when I feel so untraditional that I don’t belong on wedding forum sites. There are times when I feel like too many women place too much importance on the little things… this is one of those weeks.

I will update my checklist and provide an update of where we are and where we need to go…. When will this happen? Good question!

The count down is on…. Just over seven months to go.


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