.waiting for the dress to arrive.


So last Monday, Ster sent my dress out to me. Via UPS. Ground. Groan. She sent me the tracking number but for some reason, it wouldn’t register and I was unable to see any tracking information. For an entire week, it seemed like the dress was in Secaucus. Can you even begin to imagine my frustration and annoyance with this??

Well on Friday, after panicking… I had Ster track the dress and low and behold, it was delivered. PHEW! I had it shipped to my work so that it wasn’t sitting outside of my house waiting for me to get home. I could not wait to get the dress in my hands….

And here she is:

No. I am NOT going to show you the dress before the wedding.... :)))


Stacey said...

it fit in that little box?

Ice Pizza said...

That's nice... keep us in suspense. :-D I wish you the best of luck in getting rid of the extra pounds. You can do it! :-)

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