.holy october.


In traditional crazy Vegas weather, we went from inferno to ice box in a week. Literally. Two Sundays ago it was 102 this past Sunday it was about 70 and gusty. Yea, I am marrying the weatherman and use words like "gusty".

Welcome October! This is my favorite month and when I truly wanted to get married. However, with a January proposal that I wouldn't change for the world and self-paying for the wedding, October was unrealistic. Instead of stressing over what is left to be done and what needs to be where, I get to enjoy my favorite month along with the cooler temps, yummy wine and candy with friends! That is the only reason why I like Halloween- for the candy. This year, I am going to be the Mad Hattress.

Anyway, I blogged back at 366 days to go and 365 days to go to the wedding. Now, today, I have 200. Where did those other 165 days go? In another 165 days, I will be 35 days away from the wedding. Holy crappers time IS flying.

So this post is not about anything wedding related except the count down is really on.

Enjoy this beautiful weather! Have some apple cider (sugar free of course!) eat some snack sized candy and enjoy the next 25 days of my favorite month.


Stacy Marie said...

I love the word gusty...people should use it more often!

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