.my shoes have arrived.


To much delight and dismay, I received my shoes. They arrived via USPS on Monday in a lovely little box for shoes that has since made it's way to my box pile for keeping. Here is my problem with shoes:

1. I HATE, despise, would rather pour lemon juice in paper cuts than be around feet. I am sooo anti-foot it is bizarre.
2. I hate my feet too. Their size and shape. They are a secent size for my height by they are wide. And my arch can reach the moon, it is that high.

Having a to the moon and back arch means that I have to put lots of stuff into my shoes to make them comfy. They need arch supports, padding on teh ball of my foot and usually a good heel wrap also. There can be no cute shots of the inside of my wedding shoes because they will be a mangled mess.

Anyway, the shoes that I settled on:

Liz Rene Couture, Giselle.

Here is how the shoe arrival unfolded:


Stacy Marie said...

Those are so gorgeous!

Ice Pizza said...

Beautiful!... only that it leaves me wondering how long I would be able to endure wearing heels with that height. :-D

Cupcake Wedding said...


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