.our toasting flutes.


Just arrived in the UPS yesty. I am stoked. Clink, clink. Chin, chin.

You can read about and see them here.

What do you think? We ordered and received the flutes...everything else was put on the registry. Obviously there is no guarantee that we get it. So do we buy the cake cutting and service set? Or wait and hope? Decisions, decisions.


Fabulous said...

I love them!! So pretty. I got Vera Wang "Love Knots" for the toasting flutes, cake cutting set, and photo frame. I registered for the frame, bought the flutes myself, and my mommy bought me the cake cutting set. We did the same for my sister. She is using another Vera Wang set "With Love" and its gorgeous too.

Her koubara (MOH) got her the glasses, I got her the frame, and my mom got the cake service set.

Kate Spade is great. Fabulous, Elegant, and Understated.

Anonymous said...

LOVE love LOVE the flutes!! Very modern and VERY grogeous!


Anonymous said...

For my wedding I got a lot of the stuff I needed to use for our wedding at my bridal shower, so you should at least wait until your bridal shower before you make the decision to purchase cake cutters/frames. Worst case, you can always buy them whenever if they are off your registry and if someone buys them for you, you can take one of the sets back and get something else off your registry :) :)

Anonymous said...

I also heard that a lot of places will give you a discount on any items you don;t receive as gifts and decide to purchase on your own off the registry.


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