.i now pronounce you.


Something else that has been crossed off of the list: The Officiate. This was on my list to confirm and finalize back in June. Sure, that was a long time before our April nuptials, but it is something EVERYONE needs for a wedding so they do book up quickly. We were ready to meet with one and just as we were setting the appointment, another couple stole her away for the same date and almost the time. If we were willing to move our ceremony 30 minutes later, she was willing to perform the ceremony. Thanks but no thanks.

I then reached out to the father (dad) of one of my friends. He is a Rabbi here in town and while neither of us is Jewish, he performs a great Civil Ceremony. I could already see the uproar from the in-laws, who still think that somewhere, someway and somehow we will be married in a Catholic Church. Not only are we not, but we were almost married by a Rabbi. While not being completely ignorant to the wishes of the in-laws, I did try to find someone of the Catholic faith who would perform our ceremony. While most of us know, a Priest is forbidden to perform any Catholic wedding outside of a church. Well, we did hit a jackpot- we found someone of the Catholic faith who would marry us come April.

Immediately upon meeting him, we were won over by his calming demeanor and ability to crack jokes, which is important to me as someone who cried tears of laughter on a daily basis. A sigh of relief could not be loud enough once we left his office, it was fabulous to agree on an Officiate and have someone we think will make the ceremony memorable and touching.

As you know, I am a BIG proponent of planning for marriage as you plan your wedding. So we enlisted his help to pre-marital counsel us. No- there are NOT any underlying issues, as my dad was under the impression of, but we are smart- this is going to be our one and only marriage. This is going to be through better and worse…richer and poorer…and through my sickness which we hope turns to health. Anyway, he will be going through the Catholic pre-marital program without having to actually go through it! Double score.

And here we are, along with my niece. That couch was so swanky.


Jaryce21 said...

yay! Congrats on another crossed off the list. Isn't it a great feeling?!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that it all worked out for the best, it will be a beautiful ceremony

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